Friday, October 28, 2016

4th Anniversary and a Have-Done List

My how time flies..... It is hard to believe it is already 4 years I have owned my little house!

This years Have-Done list is a bit shorter then previous years. But we got a few big projects done that have been waiting on the list since I bought the house.

The biggest project was getting new sidewalks! This also entailed a bit of re-landscaping and building new steps.

Another project that has been on the waiting list, was trim out the bathroom and kitchen. Even  though it isn't complete yet, it was a good start!

A new back door and basement door!

I also rearranged and updated a few things. Like my bedroom, the dining room , and book nook.

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Re-reading all these posts brings back so many memories. So much has happened in 4 years! It seems like yesterday.....and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.