About Me

Hello! I’m Heide!

  I love vintage things; like milk bottles, cookbooks, sewing patterns, glassware, hats, egg beaters, and of course, Aprons! Here you will find my newest creative endeavor, DIY house project, and vintage finds. 

   Way back in the beginning, I started this blog to share my love of vintage aprons; their creativeness, history and everyday simplicity. I love vintage and antique items, the sense of history they evoke and the spark of imagination they create. Recently this love has extended to old houses!

    In 2013, I purchase a 1923 bungalow. It has turned into an amazing adventure! The journey of renovating and restoring has been full of joy, frustration, hard work and satisfaction; most of which I have shared on the blog. (Visit My House page for a full tour.) I still love antiques and old things and am always on the hunt for vintage items to "feather my nest". 
    I also love to create things! Sewing, knitting and baking are top of my list. But don't be surprised if other crafts and DIY projects pop up. I love tackling projects!

Why Aprons?

It was my Great-Grandma Anna's apron that started it all. I was asked to mend one of her aprons several years ago for a great aunt who still used them everyday.  I was enchanted! To hold and restore a family heirloom, a piece of history, was amazing. Of course I wanted one too! Thus started my fascination with aprons. And now I have half a dozen of Anna's Aprons.