Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1930's Inspiration

In between painting the back stairs several weekends ago, I pulled up on Youtube some random 1930's movies to watch. They were so fun! The 1930s seemed to perfect the zany plot comedy. Even though all the movies are B movies and I didn't recognize any of the actors; the sets, costumes, cars, manners and slang all oozed 1930s. I loved it!
(For a bit of color and visual interest I have picked out a few adverts from pinterst. Aren't they fabulous!)
"Meet the Boy Friend"  is a classic ingredient romantic comedy with a bit of 1930s glamour thrown in. A radio singer hero, an everyday working girl heroine who isn't impressed by the hero's fame, a nutty plot that hardly makes sense, several lovely songs, a somewhat dumb sidekick, and an insurance swindle. Just my cup of tea! 

Here is a rollicking comedy about jewel thieves, private detectives and policemen "Romance on the Run" rushes along with more chase scene then plot. There are some wonderful cars and the Pullman train scene is one of my favorites!

 "Twin Husbands" is a mystery/comedy. The story line is a bit more stuck together, but you have to pay attention as there are so many "switch on a switch, on a switch" that is leaves one a bit muddled! I love the grand mansion and the butler in the one!

I hope you enjoy! Do you have a favorite 1930 movie?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Project: Back Stairs

I am so excited to share with you my weekend project! It turned out fabulous!! I was little surprised I got it all accomplished as I haven't been very motivated lately. But I am so glad I did.
 I love painted wood floors and was so sad my kitchen floor weren't salvageable. Then I realized there were some lovely painted floors in the back hallway that were crying out for a bit of pizzazz!
It took me awhile to figure out the placement and size of the squares. Lots of measuring and lots of taping and re-taping! Then I got smart and used the lines of the floor boards. (My favorite quilting ruler is the best tool for for just about any project!)
 Because the white went on over the blue, I needed three coats of paint. 
(Try not to notice all the yuck on the baseboard, I still need to find the heat gun and get that scraped off.)

 I love the results! It brightens up the hallway immensely. 
Painter's tape never seems to work as well as I think it should. I don't know if I do something wrong or what, but it bled through in a couple of spots.
 The tape also pulled up some of the blue paint in front of the door. So I will have to do a little touching up. It is a little tricky finding the right time to paint in winter. The basement is unheated and we hang a quilt in the doorway (until we get a door at the top of the stairs) to keep the warm air from going down. The stairway can get pretty cold and last year it was about 40. With the warm weekend we had it was 56!
I am thinking a painted rug would be perfect on the front porch, what do you think?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter is here!

Winter is finally here! We were all braced for a long cold winter and it has been very mild until last week. I know the cold front hit most of the country, so no one will be very surprised to hear it was very cold here, 7 below zero cold! 
Needless to say, not much happened last week. Everyone stayed home and I read 6 books!
The tree out front of the house.
The view down the street, not a lot of anything but snow......
 The park in all it's winter whiteness.

 This is the view across the pond, a little hard to tell where it is in all the snow.