Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two Week Progress Report

Can you believe it has only been two weeks since I closed on Brick House? Whew! So much has happened. With the holiday and an extra day off last week I was able to get four long work days in! It made a huge difference!
The biggest outside difference is the screened in porch we removed. It opens up the front of the house so much! I love how well you can see the beautiful front windows now.

 The bathroom also got a little attention. (I know these photos are pretty ugly. But we can appreciate the after that much more!) All the walls were covered in paneling that was trying to look like tile. It was just making the bathroom look smaller. That all came off the walls, but left glue marks.

 The flooring, vanity, sink and medicine cabinet all came out too. This is a very tiny bathroom and the vanity cabinet just felt like it was eating the bathroom.

 The medicine cabinet was also too oversized for this space, not to mention it had not aged well. You can see where an old (probably original 1915 cabinet) use to be. I am on the hunt for one similar sized.

This is the underside of the stairs going to the second floor. We had to take all the plaster and lath off as they are not in good shape and need fixing. 

 And here is the newly gutted basement. So much brighter! This was the big project of last week and I am so excited it is done and out of the way!

 A few extra wires that need still need to be removed. They were all switches and outlets in the walls.

We also got all the walls washed down, the windows de-hardwared, extra telephone and cable wires removed and ceiling fans taken down. I am sure I am forgetting a few more things we got done, but those were the highlight!
Next up: removal of basement tiles, replacing plumbing and untangling the electrical.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Brick House Tour

 Ready for a photo tour of the Brick House? She needs some loving inside, so try and see past the crazy colors and dinginess. There is a lot of potential here!
We are going to start at the front of the house at the front door. An original to the house, very lovely!

Looking back to the front door with the staircase to the right and the living room to the right. This is after Mandy and I tore up the last piece of carpet, you can see the carpet padding stuck to the floor in spots.

Look at the newel post! I have never seen one this fancy. 

 There is also an original glass door leading into the living room!

And don't forget to look up and admire the light fixture. I don't think it is cira 1915, but I love the ribbed glass shade.

 Looking toward the dinning room, a nice large room.

And looking back toward the living room. (That is the entry hall door to the right.) A classic layout with the living room and dining one big room. I love how large the windows are! And they are all original. The "boxes" under the windows are metal radiator covers. 

 And that brings us to the kitchen! I can't wait to get rid of the orange! The kitchen has a chopped up awkward layout. I am not sure how much I can fix it, but I am going to try and minimize it! There are two large windows (to the left), the door to the deck (right), the door to the dinning room (behind) and the door to the hall (further left). 

 Because of the door to the deck, the cupboards along this wall can only be 12" deep. The dinning room doorway is to the right.

This is across the kitchen looking toward the entry hall, the windows are to the right. I have a couple of ideas to hopefully make it more functional. For a small kitchen it should have a good amount of storage when I am done. 

We are now ready to head upstairs! 

 Another nice feature, a built in linen closet at the top of the stairs!

This is the little hallway. To the left- the bath, forward- back bedroom, to the right-middle bedroom, behind- front bedroom. I love how efficient this hall is! Just enough space, but not too crowded.

 This is the front bedroom, what you might call the "master bedroom". It has two closets and three large windows.

The aluminum window awning is on the tear out list. 

 The middle bedroom with another aluminum window awning.....

And an extra long closet! I love all the closets with the slanty ceilings and angled walls. 

The back bedroom, which is a bit on the small side. But still not too tiny. I think getting rid of the purple will help!

This bedroom also has a door to the outside balcony. Honestly, this is one of my lest favorite features. I would rather of had a window.

 And to finish off the second floor, here is the bathroom! It is a very small, very beige box. (Which makes it hard to photograph!)

 It needs some serious updating in here!

Including the floor....
This also gives you an idea of how tiny it is! Barely one step from the toilet to the sink.

 I have just a few photos of the basement. It is pretty dark, dirty, creepy and just plain sad! It was finished sometime in the early 60s, judging from the paneling, and it has not aged well. It is also chopped into little spaces that doesn't make it very useable. So this week's project is tear it all out!

Just to leave you with a happier picture, here is the best part of the basement! A cute little sink! I am going to keep it and the toilet. It is always handy to have an extra when there is only one bathroom in the house!

Thanks for taking the tour! Definitely plenty of work here! But I love bringing back to life these old beauties!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Meet Brick House!

What do you think of my summer project? Isn't she beautiful? This is "Brick House". She was built in 1915, has 3 bedrooms and is about 1300 sq. ft. I know everyone is curious. No, I am not moving. We are quite happy in my little bungalow (we thought about moving for a very short time, but I wasn't ready to move out of my little house! I actually cried at the thought!)
 Brick House will be an investment property.  I am very excited to spruce her up! She is in pretty good shape, but there is always a few things to do. One of the best things about this house, is it is on the same street as my house, about a bock away!

 A nice long driveway, that at some point will need to be replaced. Lots of cracks. One of the first things on my list to get rid of is the aluminum window awnings.

 There is a huge yard. Very unusual for my neighborhood. (Mine is postage stamp sized.) 

 A beautiful crab apple. The first time I saw the house it was in bloom and gorgeous!

 As you can see the landscaping needs a little taming. But the huge deck is in quite good shape.

This is looking into the back yard past the garage. 
This was all the pictures I has time to take this morning. Lock replacing took a bit longer an anticipated. But I should have more pictures on Monday, so stay tuned! This weekend Mandy and I are going to start working on a few things (like get rid of the stinky cat carpet) and then next weekend we will really start on demo!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Strawberry Season

 It is Strawberry season in Wisconsin! I was so excited they ripened in time to take our cousins when they visited two weeks ago. We had a lovely time. Sine there was so many of us we got a bit carried away and ended up picking 28 quarts! 

 I could of stayed all day in the strawberry patch! 

 Needless to say, we have gotten our fill of strawberries. (Enough to give me hives several times! Ha!) Including strawberry shortcake, strawberries and cream, plenty of plain strawberries and strawberry muffins! I used my favorite muffin recipe, omitting the cinnamon and adding chopped strawberries and vanilla extract. Strawberries and vanilla go so well together!

We also made 28 pints of strawberry jam! 

What is your favorite way to eat Strawberries? Have you ever picked your own?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Peonies and Instagram

 A friend shared her lovely peonies last week. Aren't they lovely!
I also wanted to let you know I am now on Instagram! The last week or so I have been trying to figure it all out and practice posting. So if you want to see my latest projects and makes, that is where I will be sharing them. I will still be here on the blog posting about vintage aprons, finds and house projects. 
It looks like it will be a busy summer! I have a big project coming up and am so excited to start! As soon as everything is in place, I will share all about it.