Friday, April 17, 2015

Promise of Spring

I love watching the change of seasons; new leaves emerging, the grass slowly greening, the changing of leaves, the first snow fall. But Spring is the most anticipated, the most longed for season. 
Who can resist the promise of longer warmer days, outside activities and projects, lush green trees and grass, good things to come from the garden, lingering twilight evenings, plants bursting with blooms.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Old Windows

I love my old windows! Original wood windows was one of the items on my list when house hunting. Wood windows add so much warmth, character and history to house! I know some people think I am crazy, but I am not going to replace my windows. They do need a little work though.
With the weather so beautiful on Saturday we couldn't resist tackling a project! After cleaning the house we then decided to make a mess! Ha!
One of the reasons old windows don't have a good reputation is they get a little cranky if they are not taken care of. They can be hard to open and close or the window won't stay up without being propped. The very simple reason is the window sash is held up with weights and after so many years the rope breaks. That was the problem we fixed on Saturday. It is a bit of a process and involves carefully removing trim, but so nice to have windows that stay up!
Do you see the hole? That is a weight pocket. Every window has one on each side to hold the window weights.
The weights inside the pocket tied to the sash with rope.
On the right a 5 pound weight for the larger window and on the left a 4 pound. (Isn't that the coolest thing they are stamped with the number?)We gave them a quick rinse to get rid of 90 years of cobwebs.

 There is a couple of pieces of trim that have to come out to get to the weight pocket. While we were taking things apart I scraped and sanded the edges to help the windows go and down smoother. 
The weight pocket cover. I don't think anyone had ever gotten into it to re-string the windows. They fit really snug, the only way to get them out is pry and there wasn't any previous pry marks.
Three windows down, just 7 more to go! I will be putting together a more in depth post on the the complete process. We ran out of daylight and were just trying to get them back in for the night!
So did you have lovely weather this weekend? Did you tackle a project?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apron Patterns

 These are a few recent acquisitions to the pattern collection. This first one is a charmer! Early 1950's. A lovely apron that is flattering one for everyone with lots of coverage. Also included is a pot holder pattern. Love the polka dots of the one in the lower right hand corner.  
The first thing my sisters said when they saw it was, "I need one of those!". 

 This one is mid-50's. A hostess style apron. A little too many ruffles and bows for my taste, but the overall shape is very cute. 

I was very excited to see the applique transfers still in the pattern! I love all the options this pattern gives one. Late 1940's.

And how could a resist this elegant 1940's nightgown!?! (Even though I don't usually wear nightgowns, I am thinking maybe I need one)
I remember when old patterns were sold for a $.50 or a $1. The prices are crazy these days! So I was really excited to find these patterns for under $5 each. 

Monday, April 6, 2015


 Hello Friends! I am still here, just have been in bed recovering from the nasty flu these past two weeks. But like Spring, I am slowly and surely getting my energy back. 

 One of my recent finds at an estate sale, the hobnail vase. I knew it would be perfect for a little primrose!
Mandy and I went and bought primroses a few weeks ago. They are always so fun in the Spring. And once they are done blooming indoors we will plant them outside to bloom next Spring.

 A little vignette on the side table using my vintage silver tray. I love using plants on the tray as it is an extra layer of protection between the wood and soggy soil. 

 I also put together a new Easter wreath. The plan was to make flowers for the wreath, but I sensed I was running out of time. So I picked up two sprigs of flowers on sale (for 87 cents each!), deconstructed them and this is what I came up with. The bunny banner was from last year.
I hope Spring is on it's way in part of the world!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Window Plant

This cute little plant is actually a grapefruit, it resides on the kitchen window sill.
Our Grandma gifted it to us after she poked six grapefruit seeds in a pot and they all came up! She has the brightest green thumb in the world.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Projects- Last year and this year

Last years first Snowdrop
Spring is officially on it's way! One Snowdrop has bravely poked it's way up! I think we might be getting spring a bit early this year as last year they came up around the 21st. I am also glad to say the snow is completely gone as of last weekend! But last year it was still lingering by the end of March.

I was looking back and it was last March we got our first shelf for the book nook. Looks like we have added a few more books since then! I am so glad I figured out a way to use this space, it works perfectly for our book collection.

Last year I also finished my Ticker Tape quilt.

Worked on my Hexagon quilt(which is still not finished!)

And shared a pattern for the Hazel apron.

I am not sure what it is about this time of year, but the way the sunlight streams into the house is amazing! Love it! 
So with the days getting longer bit by bit and the weather trying it hardest to warm up, I am tallying up my to do list! There are windows to re-glaze and paint, flowers beds to re-arrange, furniture to work on, doors to trim, the back patio to spruce up......
 We have already planted seeds for the garden and containers. All that winter dreaming has paid off! We have plans and are ready to go to work!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vintage Handkerchief Inspiration

I think I might have found a new favorite blog! Have you ever visited Flamingo Toes? My sister discovered her and knew I would love the blog. There is a fabulous post on 30 Projects with Vintage Linens including this lovely apron using handkerchiefs.

Love this idea!

And aren't these pillows beautiful!