Thursday, April 5, 2018

Living Room Update

Have you been wondering what is going on with the Living Room Rearrange? At times I wondered too! It was back at the end of August (Read Here) that we moved Dad's desk to the basement. Suddenly we had another side of the room to use and decorate! I think the first month we just looked at it! There was so many possibilities and so many new things to try out! So we arranged and rearranged and rearranged again.
I knew three things. First, that we could always use more seating. When the family gets together someone ends up on the floor or pulling up one of the wooden chairs from the dining room table. Second, we had a big blank wall to cover. I was going to need something to hang there! Third, I wanted to paint the bookshelves and brighten up the space!

It has been a slow process. But I kept reminding myself there is nothing wrong with decorating slow!

The first thing I worked on was the bookcase. I actually got rid of the one that was in this corner, painted the one that was by the hall and put back in the corner. We tried a lot of different places, but in the end we liked the corner best. I love how much brighter it is! Even though it is not quite as big as the previous one, everything still fit!

I pulled together a couple of baskets we've had forever. They add warmth and hid smaller books and things. The wood pieces are a bit of a family joke. Years ago my brother brought them home, stuck them on the bookcase and said "some people would call that art". It has been there ever since!

This is one of our favorite views! Once the shelf was in place again, I turned my attention to the blank wall. We tired so many furniture arrangements and several different pieces. Nothing seemed to be right. We even tried the dark leather chairs together against the wall, but that left all the dark on one side and the light sofa on the other.

 I did decide I wanted a large piece of art on the wall and found this canvas of Monet's "Artist's Garden" online. I love all the flower colors! I also found the little side table at an antique shop and was just pondering what color to paint it, when it was decided the book nook chair should be brought downstairs. It was love at first sight! Don't you love when suddenly it all comes together!

Of course I had to get art that featured a house!
The final item we needed was a table lamp. I didn't think it was going to be so hard to find! We just had to keep our eye out and on a random visit to TJ Max we found it! The perfect finishing touch!

Whatever chair we have put in front of the window, Kerri has claimed. For a short time when we didn't have a chair here, she really missed it. I think she is glad we have stopped rearranging the furniture and she has "her" chair back! So am I! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Tulips

 I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! We had mostly celebrated two weeks ago when my sister was in town. Thank goodness we did! Easter day here was not the best of weather. (Though not as horrible as the northern part of the state, no snow here!)

Of course, I had to have a few Easter tulips! It would have been nice if they came from my flowerbeds, but they aren't blooming yet. (Though they are getting close! They are tucked up against the east side of the house so they pop up pretty quick.) And of course, I had to take a few pictures of them! 

(I forget we keep the vacuum in the curtains! In real life it isn't as noticeable, or maybe I have gotten use to it?)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Finds: Vintage Style Calandar Towel

Friday Finds is a new series I have had in mind for awhile now. A fun way to share vintage and new finds with you!

My mom surprised me a couple of weeks ago with a little gift. She was so excited this towel calendar had vintage looking cherries and the perfect red and green to match the kitchen! Such a good way to add a bit of color to the kitchen too!  

Mom randomly found it on Amazon HERE. (Just in case you need one for yourself too!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thick and Thin

 I was so proud of myself this winter, working on only one or two yarn projects at a time. Efficiently, I worked through one project after another. Then Spring arrived... and a flurry of inspiration!

 I am not even sure how many knitting and crochet projects I am in the middle of right now. There are the class samples, the projects I take to work and the projects for evening movie watching.....

Two of my knitting projects are quite the contrast! A thick turtle-neck sweater on size 9 needles and a bright pink pair of socks on size 0 needles. Both are turning out nicely, but it feels odd to my fingers switching back and forth!

The sweater is Kate Davies' very popular Carbeth. It was love at first sight for me and I was so excited to find Hikoo Simpliworsted in the perfect shade of Aqua Mint! (It matches my vintage Pyrex bowls perfectly!) Progress is at a halt currently as I had to order another skein, but I have both sleeves knitted and joined to the body now.

 The socks are a blending of my favorite sock formula (with short-row heel and increased round toe) and inspired by this pattern. Instead of purchasing the pattern I just used my favorite cable that looks like a braid. The yarn is a lovely pink Trekking Pro Natura that unfortunately has been discontinued. 

Are you working on any knitting or crochet projects? Do you tend to start multiple at once or just work on one or two?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bunny Trails.....

We can feel Spring in the air around here! 

Most days that is. Yesterday a couple of inches of snow fell, but hopefully it will be our last one. That doesn't stop us from having Spring Fever! (Or maybe I should say Bunny Fever?)

Mom decided we absolutely needed spring pillow covers for the porch. And when she saw the Bunny Pillow Tutorial at On Sutton Place she knew we needed spring bunny covers!

 We followed the tutorial at On Sutton Place, except for using floral calico from our fabric stash instead of burlap. The flowered fabric really amps up the cute springiness!
The pillow covers are from Hobby Lobby like Ann recommended. Luckily we found a couple on sale for only a few dollars each, so it ended up being very inexpensive. We actually put the bunnies on the "wrong" side of the covers as the other side already had decoration on it. But that doesn't bother us! (We are planning on  covering the backs at some point though.)

We also got a little carried away and added vintage button tails and some hand stitching around each bunny. Either way you make the bunnies, they are so cute!

There are plenty of pillows on the porch and we didn't have time to cover them all yet. But we are thinking maybe buffalo check in aqua or light blue for the rest.

 The other bunny project I made is an Easter wreath for the front door. I picked up the little wooden bunny cutouts last year on clearance. I am glad I remembered I had them!
My favorite ribbon wrapped wreath, flowers from a previous year and the bunnies got arranged (and re-arranged!) to make the wreath.

 I ended up painting the little fellows twice. The first time around I didn't realize there was no white paint to make suitable Easter pastels. The colors didn't work at all. So I repainted them once I bought more white.

 I love mixing my own colors! So fun!

Now we are ready for Spring! 

How about you? Feeling a little Spring in the air? Have you brought out the bunnies and chicks yet?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Cozy Bedroom

We have been switching things up here at the bungalow. But before we get into that, I thought it would be nice to take a tour of how Mandy's bedroom looked before!
She has a completely different style then mine. A very cozy and warm bedroom.

 Mandy loves her animals, so horses and dogs are plentiful! She had an understate Western/cowboy theme. Warm reds, blues and browns with a pop of rustic wood!

Mandy has been collecting vintage horse pictures for years! I love the collected English gallery wall look. Gallery walls are always a work in progress!

 Isn't the vintage puppy plant adorable? He always makes me smile!

 It is a little hard to see in this picture, but the lower half of the windows have grain sack curtains for privacy during the day. Our houses are so close to each other in this neighborhood that anyone walking up the neighbor's driveway has a bird's eye view into the bedroom!

Yes, that is our pup Kerri over the dresser. It is an art print I made from a picture (aren't computers amazing!)

So there is Mandy's cozy comfortable room BEFORE we switched things up! Stay tuned for the switch!

If you want to see how Mandy's room has changed, here it is in 2014 and in 2013.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Flowers and Snow

Today the sun is shinning out of a blue sky, the air is soft and balmy and the snow is dripping! Spring are you around the corner??

Mandy and I took these pictures on Monday when we were out for the afternoon walk. Snow piles everywhere! It felt like all we did last weekend was shovel snow. The total count was over a foot. It has been a few years since we have had this much snow piled up at once.

Kerri and her favorite winter activity, Digging! She loves to dig and dig and then shove her whole face in the hole. We call it snow snorgeling. (Yes, even Kerri has an extensive winter wardrobe!)

But let's not talk about snow, let's talk about

 Mandy went to our favorite garden center today. We always plan a trip in February. Spring fever usually sets in by then and we are longing for the sight of something green and growing! She sent me a few photos. Aren't they lovely!!

I just want to gather them all up and bury my face in them!

Of course, Mandy brought home a few plants including a pink ruffled cyclamen!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Aren't these the cutest things ever!