Thursday, October 29, 2015

3 Years......

Today, the little house has been mine for three years!
That day all those years ago I was such a nervous wreck. I knew this house was going to be mine, that everything would work out in the end, but it sure took a lot of work! 

Have I told you about the first time I saw the house? It was is a few blocks from our old house and Mandy and I were out walking our dog around the neighborhood. I noticed a paper in the window of the house, a paper that looked like it was a foreclosure. I pointed it out to Mandy and said that is the house we need!
Somehow I just knew this little house would be perfect for us..... and it is!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

70 Magic Recipes- Borden's Eagle Brand

 I recently picked up this booklet at an estate sale. These advertising cookbooks are always entertaining! This one is from 1952 by Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk. Who knew you could do so much with it?!

This summer we tried an ice cream recipe with sweetened condensed milk that On Sutton Place had posted. It was so delicious! Very very rich, but very very good! I was curious to see if this little booklet had ice cream too and sure enough it did!

 These recipes are slightly different then the one we tried. There is a half a cup of water added. I wonder if that would help it not be so rich. Now we will have to give this version a try!

Doesn't this one look good? I think I will have to try this one too.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Thankful Moments

I wrote this post last year and for some reason it never got posted. It seems very fitting right now. Autumn is such a nice time to slow down a little, a time to stop and breath deep after summer's goings and comings and a time to pause before the holidays are here.
 This year fall is not quite so early. The leaves haven't really changed yet. There are a few scattered around, but the majority are still hanging on the trees. And the weather can't make up is't mind to be hot or cold, rain or shine.....

Sometimes life is tiring, sometimes it whirls by so fast it is all one can do to keep up...... I was reminded yesterday that even when life is crazy, to stop and be thankful, to enjoy the moments. Carmella at Assortment posted a simple, thought provoking post "Today, I love.....". She always inspires me. 

Today I am loving the sun that has finally come out after almost a week of dreariness.
And I am loving my cozy house in the Autumn.

Have a great weekend Friends!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sewing Closet Wall Art

Even though we will be starting on our third year in this house, there are still a few things to decorate. Like my sewing closet walls. 
I had been planning on hanging something on the wall above the table from the beginning. But I was undecided as to whether I wanted the same vintage adverts or not. They didn't feel right, so I kept thinking on it. Then I came across these French illustrations from the 1920's. I love the colors! Just what the sewing closet needed!

I took these pictures yesterday afternoon and the sun was shining in so nicely! And for some reason it made everything rosy pink. (Which is fine with me!) 
I know the pictures are not hung the straightest, but they really aren't that crooked in real life! 

Of course my favorite is the pink hat! Don't you love their expressions? So chic!

I love how this picture captures the curve of the ceiling. ..........And the not so glamorous window air conditioner. But I am very proud we actually got one in the window (took a bit of diy engineering) and it is a neat and tidy job!

 Another new addition to the sewing room is a pin dish. I ran across this idea on Pinterest and have been keeping my eye open for pretty saucers.
It is so simple to just add magnets on the bottom of a dish and Voila!, you have a pin dish! Because this dish has a very small rim, I ordered tiny earth magnets that are thinner and they work perfectly!

 It has been so fun collecting dishes! I ended up with too many options! But one can always use several pin dishes right? 

 It is so nice to have a clean and tidy sewing room! (It was a bit overdue for a clean.) And now I have something inspiring to look at!