Friday, October 9, 2015

Thankful Moments

I wrote this post last year and for some reason it never got posted. It seems very fitting right now. Autumn is such a nice time to slow down a little, a time to stop and breath deep after summer's goings and comings and a time to pause before the holidays are here.
 This year fall is not quite so early. The leaves haven't really changed yet. There are a few scattered around, but the majority are still hanging on the trees. And the weather can't make up is't mind to be hot or cold, rain or shine.....

Sometimes life is tiring, sometimes it whirls by so fast it is all one can do to keep up...... I was reminded yesterday that even when life is crazy, to stop and be thankful, to enjoy the moments. Carmella at Assortment posted a simple, thought provoking post "Today, I love.....". She always inspires me. 

Today I am loving the sun that has finally come out after almost a week of dreariness.
And I am loving my cozy house in the Autumn.

Have a great weekend Friends!


  1. I'm loving your blog. Just need more time to read more. You really do have such a cozy looking home, so warm and inviting.

  2. So sorry to hear you have hurt your back. I pray you will feel better soon! Your house does look so cozy and lovely. : )

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year! How pretty! Take care of yourself as I want to continue reading your blog. I can't do that if you are not well😉

  4. You just can't have enough "cozy" this time of year!