Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Great Sofa Slipcover Project (part 1)

Oh I am so excited! This weekend we have cleared the calendar and are embarking on a sewing adventure. Yes, I am going to make a slip cover for the sofa! I have been planning this for almost a year and am so excited to finally be getting it done! As you can see, I got a jump start and made the covers for the back cushions last weekend.
I will be back soon with all the details and (hopefully) finished pictures!
Have a good weekend friends! You know where I will be!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vintage Kitchen Inspiration

Gordon Van Tine::1926

Here are a few vintage kitchens from Antique Home. I think I have mentioned this website before, they have a fabulous collection of house plans and interiors from the 1900-1960. One of my favorite place to go for inspiration! 
I loved seeing how kitchens changed over the years. From simple and functional in the 20's to colorful, modern and efficient in the 50's.  
1920's Modern Kitchen

These two 1920's kitchens are mostly concerned with a functional and sanitary place to prepare meals. Not a lot of cupboard space, but massive sinks with hot and cold running water!

This 1934 kitchen is a little warmer. Still not much cabinetry and did you notice the ice box by the back entry? Easily accessible for the iceman. I love the breakfast nook, a favorite in the 20's and 30's.

Hotpoint Kitchens - 1947
The 1940's brought big changes to kitchens, lots of new materials like Formica and plastics. Color everywhere and modern appliances like the dishwasher!

1947 Farm Kitchen
I love how so many kitchens included places at the counter where you could pull up a stool and work. Something that would be nice in today's kitchens.

1950 Kitchen - Golden Glow - Kitchen Design
For the 1950's it was more of the same, more bright bold colors, efficient features like pull-out cutting boards, drying racks and a more compact work triangle.

Red, White, and Blue 1950's Kitchen Design
This one was one of my favorites! 

1950 Kitchen Design
I hope you enjoyed this inspiration, visit Antique Home for more!

Friday, February 20, 2015


It is that time of year when a bit of green growing something is longed for. We have at lest another two months before the bulbs outside will bloom. For now we have a pot of hyacinths and crocus in the window.

We bought the bulbs in the fall to force, but just left them in the (unheated) basement since then. Last week when we poked them in the pot they had already started sprouting. Hopefully we will get flowers!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kitchen Updates

I am not sure if it is the weather or the time of year, but I have been ready tackle projects and make some changes! Unfortunately, there has been a lot going on and little time to get projects done.... So I dream and hatch ideas and obsess a bit. The kitchen has been my latest obsession. I have been dreaming of all the things I could do to make it better, all the things I would love to change, how I could incorporate a cute idea from the internet.....

Then all of the sudden I realized what I was doing and took a step back. My kitchen is cute, it is functional, bright and sunny, very vintage (which I love!), and a whole lot bigger then the little apartment kitchen we were crammed into a year and a half ago. Of course there are a few things I would like to change and a few small projects on the list, but that doesn't mean I need a whole new kitchen!
These pictures are the newest change in the kitchen (which actually happened in November!). We decided the kitchen needed a little color and since the cupboard doors are so plain, a little interest and texture.
 So I unscrewed the hinges on the doors over the stove and gathered all of my favorite vintage kitchen things! An improvement don't you think?
My glass pitcher collection...... tin cake carrier.........
 favorite Pyrex bowls......

 vintage canisters which hold cookie cutters.......

I love to dream, but sometimes the dreaming gets a little out of control!

So I will enjoy the new look and be happy with the kitchen............For now.....

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blog Updates

Have you noticed there is a new page up? I now have a house tour page! (Pages are at the top of the blog under the header picture.) There I have pictures of all the rooms in my house including before and after links. 

I also have added a list of my favorite blogs in the right sidebar. In case you are looking for some additional reading, those are my recommendations!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kerri on the Stairs

 I hope you don't mind seeing a few more pictures of Kerri and my stairs! Some things just make me smile every time I see them, my stairs are one of them. I had such a vivid vision of what I wanted the stairs to look like and they turned out exactly how I dreamed they would! (If you have been following along through the renovations you know they didn't start anywhere as pretty.) It is nice to know some things can turn out exactly how one dreamed. Sometimes in life (and especially in renovating!) there has to be a lot of compromise, sometimes things just don't work out. But when they do it is so nice! 
 Kerri loves to stop on this stair and spy on the neighborhood! (Don't worry, that is just a sock on her foot. She cut her pad and won't leave it alone to heal.)

Little furry fuzzy feet!