Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vintage Kitchen Inspiration

Gordon Van Tine::1926

Here are a few vintage kitchens from Antique Home. I think I have mentioned this website before, they have a fabulous collection of house plans and interiors from the 1900-1960. One of my favorite place to go for inspiration! 
I loved seeing how kitchens changed over the years. From simple and functional in the 20's to colorful, modern and efficient in the 50's.  
1920's Modern Kitchen

These two 1920's kitchens are mostly concerned with a functional and sanitary place to prepare meals. Not a lot of cupboard space, but massive sinks with hot and cold running water!

This 1934 kitchen is a little warmer. Still not much cabinetry and did you notice the ice box by the back entry? Easily accessible for the iceman. I love the breakfast nook, a favorite in the 20's and 30's.

Hotpoint Kitchens - 1947
The 1940's brought big changes to kitchens, lots of new materials like Formica and plastics. Color everywhere and modern appliances like the dishwasher!

1947 Farm Kitchen
I love how so many kitchens included places at the counter where you could pull up a stool and work. Something that would be nice in today's kitchens.

1950 Kitchen - Golden Glow - Kitchen Design
For the 1950's it was more of the same, more bright bold colors, efficient features like pull-out cutting boards, drying racks and a more compact work triangle.

Red, White, and Blue 1950's Kitchen Design
This one was one of my favorites! 

1950 Kitchen Design
I hope you enjoyed this inspiration, visit Antique Home for more!


  1. Great post! What I did notice was the breakfast nook of the kitchens before the 50s were mostly booth table, how interesting...and after the 30s cabinetry increased. I am one of those individuals who does not like a lot of cabinets in the kitchen, but seeing the 40s kitchen had plenty of them, I just might change my mind about cabinets. Do you like having plenty of cabinetry in the kitchen?


    1. Honestly, I think kitchen today have too much cabinetry. I would certainly go for a 1920's kitchen! But it isn't very practical. I love dishes, it runs in the family. And we also love to have all the family over for a meal, so plenty of dishes are a necessity. My favorite kitchen is Carmella's over on Assortment, it is just one wall of cabinets. So simple!
      The way my kitchen is right now. We have just enough room for everything, which is perfect. The only think we don't have is a pantry cupboard, which is next on the to-do list!
      They one thing more cabinets does provide is more counter top. We were very excited to have more in this house, but we still end up working at the table. Old habits die hard! Lol!

  2. Love seeing vintage 'new and modern' kitchens! Bet they look at ours in 50 years and think how vintage THEY are!

  3. i just adore those ceramic sinks in the first two graphics; oh to have a vintage inspired modern kitchen...i have a very outdated and not very functional 1970's kitchen made for the height challenged home cook hahaha