Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Apron of the Month!

Were you getting worried about April Apron of the month? I was! I had grand plans for April.......but you know how life goes, it happens! Good life things, like shopping adventures with my sister, watching Spring emerge in Wisconsin, spending Easter with the family, getting house projects accomplished and a spare of the moment trip to a salvage yard with the brothers to fill a rainy Saturday.  But don't worry, my grand apron plans will just be delayed a month and they will be worth waiting for.
So that brings us to 
April Apron of the Month-
  Vintage Modern Pleated Apron!
A free pattern and tutorial by
  Kitchen Confections.
Isn't she a cutie? A bit of a departure from my usually vintage patterns I feature. I was very intrigued by the use of darts in the bib. One thing I dislike about a one piece chef style apron, not very flattering for curves. Darts in the bib and a waistband solve the problem!

 Even though this a "modern" apron, it has some wonderful vintage inspired details. Like ric-rac around the pockets and on the bib, pleats in the skirt and pockets and pockets set at an angle.
 And a little detail I added myself, a ric-rac flower!
 So cute!
This is going to be a gift for my soon to be sister-in-law, do you think she will like it?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ennie, meenie, minnie, moe.........

Do you find light fixture shopping as frustrating as I do? (Good thing I started early!) Last winter I started looking around for nice light fixtures that had a vintage feel to them. They were either way way out of my budget ($200!?!) or ugly as all get out. I agonized for several more weeks searching and searching for something that would do. Then I began to think........
I had fixtures for the bedrooms as two years ago just as I was thinking of buying a house, I started looking for a vintage light fixture for my Mom's rooms. She loved all the detail of the light in my old bedroom and wanted one for hers. You know how it goes, before I knew it I had two shades and four fixtures!
 I spied this one for the kitchen at one of our favorite antique stores. Isn't it a beauty? Since it had a center hole for a more modern style fixture I was able to buy an inexpensive fixture at the hardware store and have the kitchen done of $40!

 Can you guess whose bedroom light this is? Yes it is mine! Isn't it a fabulous color?! And the best thing is at night it casts a wonderful rosie pink glow over the room!
My sister and brother-in-law actually found this one for me, I couldn't have picked a better one! Love the beaded edge!

This one is in my sister's room. Much more classic and understated.

Great starburst in the center! Shades like one can be found for around $10.
This beautiful fixture was going to go in my parent's room at the old house. Before we had time to put it up I bought my house and now it is in their new room.
Love all the details! With this type of light the shade hangs from three ball chains. It can be a bit tricky finding the fixtures, but the glass shades are plentiful.
So I decided since I had all the light fixtures for the bedrooms and then some. Why not look around and find vintage fixtures for the rest of the house? This is still an ongoing search. I found a fixture for the dining room and thought I found a shade for it too, but it didn't fit. Now the shade will go in the living room, but I still need a fixture......
Plus, it gives me a great excuse to antique shopping! ;)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cherry Apron

The newest addition to my apron collection! How could I pass it up? Such a cheerful bit of cuteness. 

It is all machine sewn, even the applique, out of a light semi sheer cotton. I love the accent of the mini ric-rac.
There is a tag on one of the ties. When I googled it quite a few aprons popped up by this company, even an apron dress with appliqued cherries!

And some other Cherry goodness from Doris Day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mrs. Pinkham's Vegetable Tonic

Have you ever heard of Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable compound? It was one of the first "medicines" marketed just for women. There is a very interesting history of the company here. They were a very prolific company publishing quite a few booklets on a variety of subjects.
This one is a cooking booklet. Published around 1929.
 The testimonials are quite something with their dramatic wording. But as usual for cookbooks of this era, you can spot several very cute aprons!

 "Wholesome Candies" ?!? 

 This one is on Sewing. Love the cover! It is also the same time frame 1928.

 Directions for an apron, which I made and posted about here.

 A simple negligee......
 a Nightgown.....

I love this illustration of  a "modern working girl"!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Entry Hall

I have waited a long time to do this post! At last, finally we have coat hooks!!
I love my little entry. It gets a little congested at times, but there is just enough room to take off your outdoor things and hang them up. Coats on the hooks, mittens, hats and keys in the baskets.
We made the coat rack to match the trim, giving it a look of permanence, of always having belonged. The coat hooks I ordered from
Just enough hooks for everyone, including the pup! The mirror is the one I posted about here where my brother-in-law had to ride in the trunk.
These baskets solved a long endured problem. Where to put hats and mittens in a tiny hall? I love this solution! Just enough space for a few choices, but not a space taker. We tried this out in our old house with oblong baskets, but the woolies didn't tend to stay in as well. I was so excited to finally find these half round baskets at Hobby Lobby.
 In the very first picture behind the open front door is the door going up to my room. We usually have that door open and this is what it looks like. Just about covers the baskets. But it still works for us!

Looking in to the hall from the living room.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter?!?

I was just thinking how thankful I was that Easter wasn't early this year, how it would have been a most depressing if Easter was cold and snowy.....

This is what we woke up to this morning. 
 My poor little Snow Drops! Hopefully, it won't last long.....
A few pictures I snapped on our morning walk around the neighborhood.
 I love how blue the sky is after a good storm. The perfect shade........
Robin tracks in the snow. Unfortunately the picture of the robin didn't turn out. But at lest the Robins isn't fooled!

Last year I was wishing spring would hurry and posting about April Showers, Daffodils and new Wellies. Sigh!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Apron Inspiration

I thought we could use a little inspiration today! It is a very dreary day here. I shouldn't complain, at lest it is April Showers and not an April Snowstorm. Hope you enjoy!
April Showers Apron
Bluebirds over Dover
Tulip Apron
Green Tulip Apron
Floral Half Apron
Peach Apron