Thursday, April 17, 2014

Entry Hall

I have waited a long time to do this post! At last, finally we have coat hooks!!
I love my little entry. It gets a little congested at times, but there is just enough room to take off your outdoor things and hang them up. Coats on the hooks, mittens, hats and keys in the baskets.
We made the coat rack to match the trim, giving it a look of permanence, of always having belonged. The coat hooks I ordered from
Just enough hooks for everyone, including the pup! The mirror is the one I posted about here where my brother-in-law had to ride in the trunk.
These baskets solved a long endured problem. Where to put hats and mittens in a tiny hall? I love this solution! Just enough space for a few choices, but not a space taker. We tried this out in our old house with oblong baskets, but the woolies didn't tend to stay in as well. I was so excited to finally find these half round baskets at Hobby Lobby.
 In the very first picture behind the open front door is the door going up to my room. We usually have that door open and this is what it looks like. Just about covers the baskets. But it still works for us!

Looking in to the hall from the living room.


  1. It looks great Heidi. Fresh & clean.

  2. Heide,

    Your home is so lovely! The mirror looks great. : )


  3. I love this idea! I especially love the mirror. So handy for checking your teeth for spinach before you leave the house! Very nicely done.

  4. It looks so crisp and clean. I wish my house looked that good! LOL! I love the half round basket idea. I saw an idea for winter and/or wet shoes. they took a cookie sheet or similar type pan and filled it with smallish river rocks and put their shoes, boots etc. on there to dry so no mess on the floor with melting snow, mud, etc. It actually looked nice too. After raising 4 kids I wish I would have thought of that back then! You guys did a great job!

  5. I thought I recognized that mirror! Heide, you're certainly making your new old house a HOME! It's just wonderful!
    Easter Hugs,