Friday, October 25, 2013

The Price of a Mirror.....

The things one will do for a good find.....
I have keeping an eye out for a mirror to hang in the front entry. I haven't really been looking too hard, just keeping it in the back of my mind. Last Saturday while antiquing with sister Becky and her husband I found one!!
It was old, not too fancy, the perfect size, heavy as heck .............and came with a desk.
I love all the age spots!
Unfortunately, the mirror couldn't be sold separately, it was on consignment. The only reason the mirror and desk were a pair is the owner wanted to sell them together and they are both painted the same strange lavender color.
After a bit of mulling, I decided I really liked the mirror and could probably find a purpose for the desk. So I bought it and we carried it out to the car. That is when the fun started!
After trying to fit the desk(the mirror of course was no problem) in the car seventy different ways; on it's side, flipped to the right and left,  with half the back seats folded down, with all the back seats folded down, through the trunk into the back seat, through the back seat into the trunk, we finally discovered the only way it was going to fit was across the back seat. Which only left seating for two people........
 I was about to start the gyrations all over again when it started to Rain.
 My brother-in-law then shoved the mirror and desk in the back seat and crawled in the trunk himself!! (For those of you who might be worried, we left the seats folded down so he could keep us posted on how comfy the trunk was.)Thankfully we hadn't too far to drive. But we laughed all the way home! The things one will do for a good antique.

The culprit.
Mandy has decided to take the little desk under her wing. We have visions of a Potting Bench! Hence the board under it, a future shelf. I will keep you posted as I have a feeling it's story has not ended yet.


  1. Wow! A body in the trunk of your car!!
    'Really, I can explain, Officer...' LOL

    Is your Singer in working order? I need to get two old treadle machines serviced.

  2. Great story Heide!! We have had similar experiences were we have purchased something and then said "How can I get this home?". My mom's Volvo station wagon was the best, we could fit anything in that car.

    Always love to see a new post from you. : )


    1. Oh a Station Wagon! I think I need to convince my sister to invest in one. Sounds perfect for those antique adventures.

  3. Good find---------I would love to see the neighbors expression when your brother-in-law jumped out of the trunk.

    1. Lol! Crazy thought. We did do a quick look to make sure there wasn't any neighbors out!

  4. Girl! You hit my Funny Bone! I could just envision the entire scene! I've done a lot of things to get a find home, but I don't think I ever had a person in the trunk! Thanks for a really good laugh!

  5. Oh I love it! He really was a good sport, I was prepared to tell the officer that I had a dog in the back. We might have heard a few scratching and moaning noises. (I might add he really was up for more antiquing the next day.)