Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Little End Table for the Porch

Saturday was gorgeous, the perfect day for getting things done around the house! Besides working on the dining room windows, I also tidied up the porch. The floor needed a good wash and the spiders have been so busy making webs everywhere! (Anyone else notice a plethora of spider webs?)

Since everything was clean, it was the perfect time to rearrange things a bit. And then everything was looking so nice, it was a great time to take a few photos! So today, I am sharing the little end table that I have been working on all summer. It was a fit-in-when-I can and when-I-needed-a-little-break from bigger projects kind of thing. 

 The bottom part is a plant stand from Ikea we have had for several years, the tray from the Hobby Lobby clearance section for five dollars. And once both piece were painted they look like they have always a set!

 Once everything was painted, I added a few small stencils to the tray for detail. By adding white to the aqua paint the stenciled florets contrast softly without being too stark.

I love how this project turned out! And it goes so well with my pinwheels!
 Don't you love that bit of unexpected aqua? I hadn't realized until I bought the paint (for a different project) how many touches of aqua there was in my pillows. It adds a nice pop of color!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer + Books

 What can you say about August? We have been experiencing our usual weather, 90+ degrees and 98% humidity. It certainly doesn't make me want to go outside and work on any projects! 
I just want to lay in bed and read. Is anything nicer then a cool room and a good book on a hot day? (maybe a warm room and a good book on a cold day!?!)

 Several weeks ago my sister discovered Summer at Tiffany. It has been our summer favorite! The author, Marjorie Hart writes about the adventures she and her best friend have working at Tiffany's in the summer of 1945. It is a lovely story of friendship, life adventures and an exciting place at an exciting time. Woven through it is not only the awe and excitement two small town collage girls have for New York City, but the excitement of witnessing historical moments like VJ Day in Times Square.

After Summer at Tiffany, I was ready for more memoirs and found Our Hearts Were Young and Gay by Cordelia Otis Skinner, which I am about half way through. It is a romping tale of a European tour the summer of 1923. 

Next on the list is Here Come the Brides by Geraldine Napier. Though listed under fiction, it is told in memoir style and I am sure must be based on a true story. It is the hilarious accounts of the bridal salon in a large department store. 

More Favorite Memoirs; 
Living In State ~ Beatrice Russell
When We Went First Class ~ Ellen Williamson
Dearest Ones ~ Rosemary Norwalk
Cheaper By the Dozen ~ Frank Gilbreth
Bells on Their Toes ~ Frank Gilbreth

So what have you been reading lately?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fashion Service Women's Institute magazine 1931

 I was absolutely thrilled to find this Women's Institute magazine at an antique shop recently. The Women's Institute of Domestic Art and Science was founded by Mary Brooks Picken in 1915. She wrote and published a variety fashion, sewing and millinery books including a magazine. (In this post I shared a sewing course written by Mary.) My sister also reminded me of Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman, which is a compilation of excerpts from her collection of Women's Institute magazines.

The lasted mode in millinery. Love the sketches!

Frocks and Fashion....

Sewing tips and hints.

 Cooking, one of my favorite pages! 

And of course, the ads are just as fascinating as the articles! Could I have two please of the charming afternoon frock?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Asters (and the Jungle Garden)

I don't know about you, but this summer has gone by too fast! It has been full of family visiting, projects (garage painting and windows), and  few lazy days. Something about August makes one lazy, ready to flake out on the sofa with a good book. 
Already we have noticed little signs summer is drawing to a close; acorns beginning to fall, asters in bloom, spider webs (anyone else notice how many there are this year?), the angle of the sun, cicadas singing.....

 Aren't gardens amazing? I love to look back and see how much they have grown. This was taken just after planting, May 29th.

 Such tiny little sprigs!

 Now it is starting to go places, June 27th.

 And here is was almost a month ago, July 15th.

 Just a few days later the cucumbers were over the top of the supports (which are about 3' high) July 21st.

And here is the jungle now! Taken yesterday  Aug. 11th.

The beans have gone a bit wild and the cucumbers are doing great!

Another sign summer is almost over, gladioli are blooming!

Enjoy the last bits of summer Friends!