Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Little End Table for the Porch

Saturday was gorgeous, the perfect day for getting things done around the house! Besides working on the dining room windows, I also tidied up the porch. The floor needed a good wash and the spiders have been so busy making webs everywhere! (Anyone else notice a plethora of spider webs?)

Since everything was clean, it was the perfect time to rearrange things a bit. And then everything was looking so nice, it was a great time to take a few photos! So today, I am sharing the little end table that I have been working on all summer. It was a fit-in-when-I can and when-I-needed-a-little-break from bigger projects kind of thing. 

 The bottom part is a plant stand from Ikea we have had for several years, the tray from the Hobby Lobby clearance section for five dollars. And once both piece were painted they look like they have always a set!

 Once everything was painted, I added a few small stencils to the tray for detail. By adding white to the aqua paint the stenciled florets contrast softly without being too stark.

I love how this project turned out! And it goes so well with my pinwheels!
 Don't you love that bit of unexpected aqua? I hadn't realized until I bought the paint (for a different project) how many touches of aqua there was in my pillows. It adds a nice pop of color!


  1. Isn't it fun when things come together as if you planned it all out? What a delightful porch you have. And yes, the spiders have been prolific this year!

    1. It is so nice when the "vision" works out! The Farmer's Almanac just came out with this winter's prediction of frigid and snowy. I knew those spiders were up to something!

  2. I cleaned my porch this week too and had to take down my string of lights to clean off all the spider webs. So many bugs!

  3. Cute table, cute pinwheels! Love your porch. I've not been noticing spiders, but I've heard of a tough winter ahead. :-(

  4. Too funny as I was just looking at all the webs outside under my eaves that have just shown up....big ones and lots of them. A "portent of things to come"? After this heat I am ready! But first I have to get my outside work done. I love your aqua table and the stenciling is darling. It does pick up the aqua in your pillows.....you decorator you!