Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Working on Windows

I have been slowly working away at restoring my windows this summer(and last). For being 92 years old, they really are in good shape! I know you all know it, but I love my original wood windows! The wavy glass, the generous size, the sense of history, the bit of squeaking and thumping they make when going up and down.

Freshly painted inside and out. All that white is almost blinding!

There are 3 steps to getting each window back into working condition. I will be posting about each of the steps in more detail. I find old windows fascinating! 

Step 1: Restringing
One of the main problems with old windows is the ropes break and then the windows don't stay open.

Step 2: Paint and Paint
Even though I primed most of the windows before moving in, they stilled a fresh coat on the inside. On the outside, it has been at lest thirty years since their last coat.

Step 3: New Storms
Old windows don't have an airtight seal. But with the addition of new (functional!) storm windows and a bit of caulking they are now ready for winter.


  1. You are amazing, and I love the look of those windows, thanks to all your hard work! Also those are great shots. I just stopped in at THE CHEESE ROAD and love the idea for the new blog!!! And......... we happened upon your sister and bil and nephew at the grocery store in Eau Claire a couple days ago! I think you've got a birthday party in your future. :-)

    1. Thank you! I finally figured out how to take good pictures of the windows!
      Hopefully, I can start posting on the new blog soon. Need to gather a few photos.

  2. I am with you about the old windows! I will be glad to discover how to take care of them because I will be having them in my next house. This house I live in now has Pella crank out windows. Good job! Lots of hours of work involved before you see the finished product but when it's your home you want to make it shine and you do!

    1. It is a bit of work! But so very worth it in the end. But it is easy to break the project up into smaller projects, so it makes it easier. Still not done yet and I have been plugging away at it all summer.