Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Knitting Season

Like most things in life, my knitting projects ebb and flow through out the year. In September, when one is longing for a break in hot weather, when there are subtle signs autumn might be on it's way; the knitting craze comes back full force and I find myself with a long list of projects I am anxious to start! September also coincides with our local yarn shop's annual sale and the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. How can I not be ready to furiously start knitting after all that woolly loveliness?!
(Socks on the right side and a navy cardigan in progress on the left!)

I have to admit, I have been keeping busy through the summer knitting several pairs of socks for myself. Sock weather will be back before we know it! The darker pink pair is made from Sun Valley Fiber's Fingering yarn in a simple rib pattern. The blue pair are my Wear to Work Socks. And the pink striped pair on the needles is a basic sock in Sweet Georgia sock yarn.

I am also extremely excited to announce I have a new pattern on Ravelry! Wear to Work Socks. A basic sock, with a bit of embellishment on the foot, perfect for flats or just wearing around the house!
I thought it a shame all the fanciness on most socks are on the leg where it gets covered by pants or boots. These solve that problem! Now, even if you are just wearing them around the house, there is something interesting to gaze at! With a simple 4 row repeat and plenty of plain knitting between, the pattern is easily memorized. (Which is my favorite kind! Who wants to keep referring to a pattern while watching a movie or zooming down the freeway?)

All the info is on the Ravelry page where you can also purchase the pattern. I can't wait to wear them!

Do you knit? If so what is on your needles now?


  1. Your new sock design is beautiful! What a clever idea to incorporate the pretty stitches on top. : ) I am currently knitting a little orange vest for my niece and just finished a heart warmer for my little girl.

  2. I love your new design and the yarn you chose too. What don't I have on my needles right now is the question. It's the Fall thing...all of a sudden I start casting on like a maniac! What's up with that plus I bought "pumpkin everything" at the store. I love everything you do...decorating, remodeling, can do no wrong in my book! Tell your cousins to get busy with the other blog...I enjoyed that one and is it too late to start the reading challenge? LOL!
    Actually I am knitting blocks for a "scrapghan" which you can see on my blog. Thank you for your blog...I really love it!