Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weekend Holiday

Did everyone have a good holiday? I did the un-heard of, I actually took a holiday on a holiday! That's right, no projects planned this Labor Day. No big scheme to cross something else off the to-do list. Just a bit of relaxing and visiting!
 We went to visit my sister and celebrate a birthday. It was such a lovely time! Lots of talking and laughing, good things to make and eat, a book shared aloud (one of our favorite things to do when we visit!), and a bit of sewing sneaked in. Also, another favorite thing to do while visiting! Somehow it works so well. I don't worry about carving time out from my regular schedule and can just relax and get the project done.

My favorite on-the-go project? The Sorbetto shirt! I have been working on a few new ones for fall. Once the sewing machine is out, we get all excited! Out comes fabric and patterns and a few more projects get added to the list. So not only did I get a shirt made for me but one and part of another for my sister.

(I have been so bad about taking pictures...... these are the last of the zinnias.)


  1. So glad you had a lovely weekend! I love the pictures of flowers. The more the merrier!

  2. I just posted about my love of zinnias! Like minds, you know.... Gorgeous pictures!