Friday, September 18, 2015

The Life of an Apple

September is apple picking season here in Wisconsin and we are hoping to include it on this weekend's itinerary. Including the picking of my backyard apples! I have two to be exact. I have loved every minute of watching them grow and I have taken way too many pictures! 
Here is a little photo journal of the Life of an Apple.

 Mid May

 Beginning of June

 Mid July

 Mid August

 Mid September


  1. Great photos, what a dear little apple tree. I love all the apples we can get at this time of the year.
    We have been eating our far share. Have a sweet weekend, hugs Mary

  2. How did you get apples so fast? Doesn't it take like years? Did you just plant that tree? Beautiful apples you got...lucky you!

    1. I did plant it last year. I am guessing it is already 3-4 years old. Proper gardeners don't let apples grow until the tree is older. I was just so excited, I couldn't bring myself to pluck them! My tree did have about seven tiny apples this spring, but only the two made it.