Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Project: Back Stairs

I am so excited to share with you my weekend project! It turned out fabulous!! I was little surprised I got it all accomplished as I haven't been very motivated lately. But I am so glad I did.
 I love painted wood floors and was so sad my kitchen floor weren't salvageable. Then I realized there were some lovely painted floors in the back hallway that were crying out for a bit of pizzazz!
It took me awhile to figure out the placement and size of the squares. Lots of measuring and lots of taping and re-taping! Then I got smart and used the lines of the floor boards. (My favorite quilting ruler is the best tool for for just about any project!)
 Because the white went on over the blue, I needed three coats of paint. 
(Try not to notice all the yuck on the baseboard, I still need to find the heat gun and get that scraped off.)

 I love the results! It brightens up the hallway immensely. 
Painter's tape never seems to work as well as I think it should. I don't know if I do something wrong or what, but it bled through in a couple of spots.
 The tape also pulled up some of the blue paint in front of the door. So I will have to do a little touching up. It is a little tricky finding the right time to paint in winter. The basement is unheated and we hang a quilt in the doorway (until we get a door at the top of the stairs) to keep the warm air from going down. The stairway can get pretty cold and last year it was about 40. With the warm weekend we had it was 56!
I am thinking a painted rug would be perfect on the front porch, what do you think?


  1. What a clever idea!! It looks terrific!

  2. That is beautiful! I hope people only wear (hand-knitted) socks in your house! And yes, the idea of a painted rug on the porch is a great idea!

  3. Oh Heidi! You know I love this! Such a great job and a really good tutorial. I'm pinning it!

  4. I would have never thought of that but it is so pretty and not too much either! I had a similar landing from my kitchen down to the basement and a back door there too but there was vinyl on the steps. There was also a door at the top to the kitchen because yes.....it was mighty drafty. In fact, there would often be frost on the inside of the door even though there was a storm door on the other side. Great for a root cellar though!
    YOu did such a beautiful job. I have trouble with painters tape too...always a disappointment. There is some new green frog? tape I think by 3M....I haven't tried it yet but you might want to look into it. Yes, the front porch would be a great canvas!

  5. i just adore painted floors! yours if just divine.