Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter is here!

Winter is finally here! We were all braced for a long cold winter and it has been very mild until last week. I know the cold front hit most of the country, so no one will be very surprised to hear it was very cold here, 7 below zero cold! 
Needless to say, not much happened last week. Everyone stayed home and I read 6 books!
The tree out front of the house.
The view down the street, not a lot of anything but snow......
 The park in all it's winter whiteness.

 This is the view across the pond, a little hard to tell where it is in all the snow.


  1. Beautiful photos! It has been fairly snowy and cold here, but thankfully not as bad as last year- so far! : )

  2. Great post! Amazing photography, I love it!

  3. Beautiful photos. It makes me homesick for my neighborhood in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

  4. Snow scenes are BEAUTIFUL! But I like to watch them from afar. Our temps were in the 60s yesterday but we may get snow Sunday. Crazy weather here this winter! Guess you can tell I'm catching up. Haven't been allowed to comment until this morning! We'll see if you get these! Hugs, Dru

  5. Gorgeous pictures of the snow I miss so much! I watched the weather channel 24/7 to pretend it was happening where I lived but alas.....no. You can't get cozier than a blizzard!

    1. You are right about being cozy in a blizzard. As long as I don't have to be out in it, I love them! But I am glad I don't live farther north, winter lasts long enough for me! Lol!