Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A New Door and an Old Door

 As I mentioned in my annual Anniversary Post, I got a new back door this fall! This was another exciting project as it has been on the To-Do-List since I bought the house.The old door was not doing a good job any longer. We had several rows of weather stripping around it, but it still was drafty and the door knob would frost up. 

But I wasn't ready to just throw it in the trash. Even though there was a hundred layers of paint on it and the whole door bows out it is part of the house's history. I love the wavy glass in the window, one of it's good points. It also was the perfect size for the kitchen door. So now I have a new back door and an old basement door! 

 We have already noticed a difference in temperature with the new door. And it closes like a dream!

 I special ordered the door with a window to match the rest of the house. Isn't is perfect?

We are also loving the new/old basement door! Since the basement is unheated and unfinished having a door here helps the kitchen to stay warmer and less drafty. It also makes it cozier!

I love how the old door "fills" this corner. It has always felt rather empty and bare. Now it has a bit of character!
(In case you are wondering, I still haven't quite decided what to do about the old dead bolt hole. I am hoping to find a decorative plate to cover it.)

Looking through the door into the cozy kitchen. Pardon the dishes........I guess I should have tidied a bit more before taking pictures!


  1. Love the new back door and the new/old basement door! The styles and windows are perfect. Did you consider simply plugging the old deadbolt hole and finishing right over it? If you took care to make the grain of the plug match that of the door it would blend in better. My guess would be that cutting a "plug" that size might be the challenge.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Margot! I am going to keep my eye out for a cover, but in the meantime I will mull over the best way to patch/plug the door for plan B.

  2. Love your doors! I agree with margot that plugging the hole is a good idea. The way to make a plug the correct size is to get (beg, borrow or steal) a hole cutting drill bit the size of the hole and then cutting out a plug, perhaps from a throw away door or boards glued together to the thickness you need. My husband is a wood shop teacher so I know a little bit about these things. All the best to you.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I think I could borrow a hole cutting drill bit from my brother. I will have to find out, this might be the best option.
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I love your new door! It really is amazing how much a new door can really impact the heating and cooling inside your home. Adding new weather stripping can really help it as well. I love the picture of your kitchen, it really does look like a cozy place to sit down, relax, and have some coffee!