Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Little Bit of History

Before the year slips away completely, I want to show you the back door project. It is what kept me busy this fall. But before we get to the pretty pictures, I want to share a little history with you. 

In the process of installing the back door, all the exterior trim had to be removed and then put back on. And since it was off, I decided it was also a good time to strip off the aluminum wrapping that was hiding all the lovely details; scrape it down and re-painted it. 

I was very intrigued to notice there was a label on the backside of the trim and every piece was stamped with dimensions. This was very interesting as in the 1920's windows, doors and frames were typically custom built on-site by carpenters. 

A bit of research revealed the Anderson Frame Corporation. A lumber company founded in 1913 by Hans Andersen in Hudson, WI. By the 1920's Andersen Frame was selling pre-made window and door frames in standardized sizes. 

Andersen Frames invented the "two-bundle" system, where the vertical and horizontal frames were sold in separate bundles, thus they were able to provide standard sizes. It was nicknamed the 10-Minute Window as it could be assembled quickly and efficiently. 
(The entire Andersen catalog is view-able HERE)

Isn't that fascinating? The first company to sell pre-made building materials!
I love learning the history behind an everyday item!
Andersen Frames Corporation is still around today as Andersen Windows.

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