Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Nook Footstool (Part 2)

 This little project has been patiently waiting in the wings for awhile now. Do you remember my post on Making a Footstool? I did finish, quite awhile ago in fact. But somehow there was always something else to post!

 I recently found a frame for the house drawing from my brother-in-law. So excited to get it hung up! Then I finally remembered I hadn't shared my finished footstool.

Originally, I wanted to make a quilted cover for the foot stool. But then decided a quilted pillow and quilted footstool might be too "quilty". So when I was cleaning out my sewing closet and came across two pink dish towels from Ikea and Mom suggested I use them for the book nook stool. I knew I had my answer! I didn't even want to waste the rose trim from one of the towels, so it now covers the seams at the sides!  

My favorite place to perch while perusing the shelves for my next read? This stool!

 Next to the bedroom doorway above the chair, hangs the house drawing. I am not sure why the frame caught my eye, but I love the simple combination of twine and black metal. And it pairs perfectly with the drawing. (The story behind the house drawing is HERE.)


  1. As a somewhat lazy blog follower I had missed the pen and ink drawing from your brother-in-law. Am impressed with the details and also in your forbearance in not sketching one for him. Instead you all worked fearlessly and skillfully on another darling old house that just needed time and love.

  2. What a beautiful stool ♥ Cute ♥

  3. Hello good afternoon, I'm new here Janice, from Mz. Witherspoon's cottage.. Your stool is lovely the covering looks perfect and great job... I have to go read about the drawing. Happy Fall. Plz stop by and join me as well. With love Janice