Friday, October 31, 2014

All She Needs is a Little Love.....

I thought it was fitting to share this sketch with you today. My brother-in-law drew it two years ago in honor of the purchasing of my little house. (Can you tell he loves to tease?)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
We are going to be getting a few last minute before-winter-is-really-here projects done. I think we are almost out of time as it is a windy, shivery cold day with snow flurries this morning!


  1. I don't think it's as child here as there today. Wausau woke to 1 1/2" snow!! Yikes! Cute house pic. You have a very talented brother-in-law with a great sense of humor! :-))

  2. How have i missed so many of your posts? I have you on my list on my blog....I must be slipping! LOL! Your BIL is very talented....that drawing had to take some time to do. I'm glad you saved it as it is precious.