Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Painted Ceilings

What do you think of painting ceilings a color? Are you for or against? A firm believer that any color other then white will make it look like a cave? Or are you all for livening things up? 
After getting the the back splash in the kitchen finished, I felt it was time for a few changes in the kitchen! I had plenty of ideas for the kitchen while I was planning it, but somehow when it came time to finish it up and move in, it didn't come together like I had envisioned. Over the summer I have been pondering this, when I had a spare minute! 
When I was working on my front porch, I looked at a lot of pictures on Pinterest and Houzz. There was a lot of blue ceiling porches! I love them! I also read it is a southern tradition and suppose to keep the bugs away. So to get back to kitchens, suddenly I thought maybe a blue ceiling in the kitchen would be pretty. It would add some interest and bring in a bit more of my blue color scheme. 

Transitional Kitchen by Shaker Heights Architects & Building Designers Shaker Interiors
What do you think? 
The family seems unsure of the idea, I don't think they have the vision yet! I got a lot of weird faces when I asked what they thought. Anyone taken the plunge? Do you like it or not?


  1. I love those! I don't know why anyone would think this is weird. It's like a porch ceiling, only indoors.

  2. I say "go for it"! The only thing I can think of that you might want to consider is the height of your ceilings as those pictured looked pretty tall and of course the color you choose would make a difference. I love those blues and they look lovely.
    As for the Arkansas Black Apples....yes, they are almost black as they are such a deep red. Gorgeous! Google them and you'll see. You've inspired me to get out the white paint but I must get my cleaning and organizing done first. See, you are my decorating role model!

  3. Love this!! The blues and white, so very classy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the blues! I was going to paint my ceiling but since it is vaulted I could not really decide where a good ending spot would be and it not look weird. You should go for it. Worse comes to worse it would only take about 2 coats of paint to cover it back up.

  5. My in-law's house (built in 1964) has blue wallpaper on the kitchen ceiling. When I first saw it, I was dumb-struck, but I've grown to like it over time. So I say go for it! :)

  6. Our living room ceiling is painted a soft creamy yellow. John wasn't sure about it either but now admits it looks good. Go for it! Hope you get this comment. I'm trying again to comment and not just read!