Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Project

We spent the weekend up to our elbows in mortar, tiling the kitchen back splash. Once the first tiles were up, I keep asking myself why I didn't get this done sooner! It made such a huge difference in the kitchen, so much more finished looking. (I know the answer to that question! A lot more fun working outside or on the porch then in the kitchen during the summer!)
It was fun doing a bigger messy project again. I think the last time we did something this big was re-doing the living and dinning room floors in July. As you can see, it kind of disrupted life for a few days, the kitchen was a wreak!

I love tiling, it was one of the first do-it-yourself projects I learned. On looking back at previous posts, we were tiling the bathroom on the exact same day last year! So funny!

At one point in the middle of tiling, Mandy turned to me and said, "We don't have to go home!". "What?" I asked.  "We don't have to go home when we are done, we are home!" 
So many days and nights last year after we finished up for the day, we would leave, wondering and dreaming of when we wouldn't have to go home anymore.....


  1. I love subway tile and you did a great job! I love your cupboards too because mine have an arch at the top which to me "screams" Mediteranean. If there was ever a style I detested it was that and it's all over my house.....ahhh! I want your kitchen....the old fashioned cabinets. Do you know there is not one cabinet in my kitchen that you can fit a cereal box and the shelves are not adjustable. I miss my old farm kitchen so much. It was so efficient and no space was wasted. Nice job girls!

  2. Looks great! Fun observation by Mandy.

  3. Your tiles are beautiful! It really does make your kitchen look finished!