Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2nd Year Have-Done-List

Can believe it?! I have owned the little house for two years! What busy years...... I have decided to  write another Have-Done list, like I did last year.

Front Yard
I re-did the flower beds and have been adding plants all year. They are coming along nicely, but it is so different to what I am use to as the beds are all shade.

Last year, the front porch was just a dropping ground. This summer I transformed it into another living space, and boy did we enjoy living in it! Painted wicker furniture, made cushions and pillows and re-arranged the furniture a dozen times.

The biggest thing on the list was getting a coat rack! I also hung the mirror and baskets for mittens and keys. Very exciting accomplishment!

Living Room
Not too much going on in the living room, but we have big plans! Purchased a new rug for in front of the couch and added another couple of coats of shellac to the floors.

Dinning Room
Also re-coated the floors. Hung up my fruit illustrations and finished up the blue side chairs. Turned the table the other way, which really changed the look of the room!

Front Bedroom
Still have a bit more picture hanging to do here. But we finally figured out what would work in the closet, good old basic shelves! I am planning on sharing them soon.

Installed the medicine cabinet!! Put shelves in the linen closet and re-organized everything again.

Back Bedroom
(This was the only picture I has that even shows the back bedroom. Do you see the bed through the hall? That is it!) Didn't change a lot in this room. Bedrooms have to be decorated slowly. They are such personal spaces one has to take their time.

The kitchen has been a busy place this year! Made curtains, bought a new vintage table, installed tile back splash. Still have trim to do.

Book Nook
Moved more shelves in, organized books, and purchased a chair. I am in the middle of working on the foot stool and pillow now.

Upstairs Bedroom
Not much done here either. Because the sewing room was better organized, I was able to de-clutter a bit.

Sewing Room
Bought cube shelves and bins, re-organized everything, found a new sewing chair. I will be getting together a post on this room soon!

Back Yard
Painted both my garage and the neighbor's garage with fresh white paint. Bought a raised garden box, planters and planted an apple tree!

Happy Anniversary Little House!


  1. Your house is so lovely! You have worked so hard and have decorated everything beautifully!


  2. Your house is beautiful! I have enjoyed watching you dream and turn it into a lovely home! I can't wait to come visit you again and see it all in person. Love you bunches!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love your house and would gladly trade just for the style and those hardwood floors. You've done great things this year!