Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Nook Chair

I couldn't decide at first whether or not to share pictures of the book nook, I still have a lot of plans for it. But then I thought, Life is all about plans and progress. It is always revolving and evolving. Blogs are suppose to be a chronicle of daily life, right? And sometimes I get a little bit tired of all those amazingly-perfect-pictures out there. That certainly isn't life! 

 So on to plans and progress. I have been so excited about putting this space together, but now that the weather is warmer the place we all gravitate towards is the front porch. So book nook has been put on hold and I have switched my focus to the porch.
 The biggest change is the chair!! Oh how I have dreamed and dreamed of this chair! It is perfect here, the right size for the space and still comfortable to cozy up with a book. It is Ikea's Tullsta Chair. Eventually, I think I will make another slipcover for it. Pale blue ticking or floral? I am working on a quilted pillow cover also, right now that is just a pillowcase.
 But how can a comfortable chair be complete with out a ottoman? I found a great tutorial on making your own and am so excited to tackle the project. I purchased a round wooden board for the base a few nights ago and am trying to determine the best height. (Hence the baskets under it.)
 To give you a bit of perspective, when seated in the chair one faces the bookshelves. They also are still in progress. One more bookcase needed to fill the spot where the tubs are. I purchased a couple of shelve baskets from Ikea for cds and dvds too. (On top of the tubs right now.) They work wonderfully! I think it is going to be a great way to keep them organized. Once we get the other shelve the baskets will also go on it.
 From this picture you can see my bedroom doorway is right there. The whole landing is about five foot by five foot. Not a lot of room, but in a small house one has to make use of it all!
 Looking from my bedroom into the book nook. The window faces East, I love the sunlight that pours through in the mornings.

Hopefully our African Violets will be happy here and bloom for us.

Thanks for taking time to see my progress! 

Do you have any projects in progress or in planning?


  1. That's the PERfect book nook! And I'm still squinting to try to read the titles. lol I have lots of projects in the planning stage, none in the execution stage.

  2. Love your book nook. I love reading so I had to check out your book nook. I do have a question. I have been going through my aprons and was looking at the very first apron I ever sewed. It is hard to believe that it is 47 years old. It was the first thing I ever sewed on a machine. I did it in home economics class, 7th grade. It needs a lot of repair. How should I handle that and would it be terrible if I embellished it a little. Your input and advice would be great. Thanks bunches. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. How wonderful! That is so special that you still have it. Every apron has a story, had part of the story is the love and use it gets. I would defiantly mend it and embellish it.

      It can be hard to mend an apron. What usually wears lout first it the edges and hem. Maybe add a bit of binding if this is the case.


  3. Do I have projects in progress and/or plans? You betcha! I'm always doing something and I agree with you about the "picture perfect" blogs that are out to get a magazine deal or be "professional". I only visit "real" blogs with people that are creative and repurpose but not on an unlimited budget or to make a post look appealing. I love your blog because you are a real person trying to make a cozy home within a budget and I think you are doing fabulous! I pinned the tutorial for later and can't wait to see yours. If you didn't want to buy another bookcase you could just use shelf supports on both sides of the other 2 bookcases and lay boards on them....just a thought. Love your "book nook" and how cozy is it....perfect place for reading which I love to do. TTYL!

  4. I am surprised your mom actually let you take it upstairs after everyone was loving it down stairs! It looks wonderful! I can't wait to come visit and have a place to read in the morning!

  5. Lol! I was hard for her to let it go. But now she to goes up and sits in the book nook in "her" chair!

  6. Book Nooks are suppose to be cozy! I think this is a wonderful space to get away from it all and curl up to read. I have a small room I call my library--really just a closet almost. It keeps me sane.

  7. are they Trixie Belden books i see on your shelf??? if yes, then i'm SURE we're sisters separated at birth LOL