Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sweet Summer

Don't you love summer? There is something wonderful about the long evenings, the greenness, the ever changing shadows of sunlight through leaves. We have been having a lot of perfect days this summer, only about a handful that we actually needed the air conditioning.
Flower pot in the backyard.
Today I thought I would share a tour of the backyard with you. I think I mentioned before, there was no landscaping when I bought the house, just one bush. But I didn't mind, we have plans!

View from the backdoor and Kerri watching for bunnies
This is it! We call it our postage stamp yard! To the right is my garage (1920s style, barely big enough to fit a car) and to the left is the neighbors garage. It certainly doesn't take long to mow! We have plans for another raised garden bed and an apple tree in the back corner.
View towards the house
The cement patio kind of drives me a little crazy. I don't know why a curve was thought to be a good idea. Someday I might tidy it up.
My favorite part of the backyard, the neighbors oak trees. They cast such lovely shade on the house and yard.
 We decided to go with raised garden beds. So much easier to weed. We are also trying to keep our gardening low key(we can get a little carried away!) and not let is get so much that we can't keep up with it.
 Lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers and marigolds.
 These kits from Home Depot work really nice. A snap to put together and they can be added together for taller or wider beds. We choose them for the no tools required assembly and the untreated cedar wood.
 Even though we planted marigolds and the bed is raised, it doesn't stop the bunnies!

Meet Benjamin and Charlie Bunny. They love the backyard too! I have never seen bunnies play until now, hopping in and out of the garden bed, running circles in the back yard.......and eating the bean plants!


  1. I just discovered your site. I also collect vintage cookbooks & recipes-I love them! I'm finding myself more & more interested in aprons esp. vintage ones. & one love to learn more about the history of them. I'd love to subscribe, I don't see anything about emal subscribing, I wonder wether you might consider it. I'll try to keep checking in in the meantime. Thanks for a great site.

    1. Welcome to Apron History Deb! I just added email subscribing at the right under followers. So glad to hear to from another fellow vintage lover!

  2. I can see a covered deck over that concrete, with a couple steps up from the back door. :-)