Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The more I see hydrangeas, the more I love them! Such a lovely old-fashioned plant. I can't believe I haven't grown them before!  
 It is so exciting to see the little ones I planted last year blooming. (so exciting they made it through the winter!) I am not certain if this variety is naturally leggy or if it is because I didn't trim them down in the fall. I must admit I am a little envious of the owners of all those bushy white varieties that are falling over with blossoms. 
Such a beautiful pink that fades over the summer to white. 


  1. They're lovely! I used to have hydrangeas, but the blossom was so huge on such a skinny branch that they were always drooping to the ground. Do you stake the entire plant or put a cage around it? So pretty!

  2. I love Hydrangeas too; sadly our summer is brutal on them and I keep losing them :( Fingers crossed for yours; they're just lovely.