Friday, July 11, 2014

The Front Porch

Welcome to my porch!
It has been so exciting to see it all come together. And as with most projects a lot of sweat, love and thought.
So after a lot of painting, pinterest trolling, discussion, several trips to the fabric store and a bunch of sewing it is done!! 
When I first bought the house, I wasn't sure if we would even use this area, but this year it is our favorite place to be! It is even Kerri's favorite place! A few evenings ago we ended up having a impromptu gathering out here, so fun to all be able to enjoy it. It was a bit of a squeeze fitting ten people, but we didn't mind! 
Before- peeling brown paint
The wicker settee and chairs are a Craig's List find. They were in desperate need of a bit of love. After a good washing, a bit of string to repair some problem spots, and a couple of coats of paint they are good as new. (I was thinking about painting them a color, but the minute I saw the drab brown I longed for white!)

All the pillows and cushions I made last weekend while waiting for the floors to dry. My sewing station was in the kitchen and I had to dash around the house every time I needed to measure! I love how they turned out, just like I imagined. The blue sets of the white perfectly and gives it such a crisp summery look.

This is Kerri's chair. It is on loan from my sister Becky (otherwise it would have gotten a coat of white paint too!) Whenever anyone is out sitting on the porch, you will find her here keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

My sister Mandy had cotton canvas shades that she didn't need anymore, (which happened to be the perfect color!), so she kindly donated them to the project. I know the seats are going to get a lot of use so I wanted a heavier fabric to hold up.

Couldn't resist sneaking in another Kerri picture, she is just so cute in her chair!
The pillow covers are regular cotton quilting fabric as I couldn't find a print I liked in decorators fabric. I also decided to invest the time and money into putting zippers in all the covers so we could wash them.  At the rate we are using the porch I think we will be glad!

 Another new feature to the porch are hooks to hold the solar light mason jar lanterns. Previously the lanterns had just been on the table or window ledge. Then I saw this idea and happened across some old hooks in the basement. Perfect!

 I love how they look at night, the wonderful spheres of light they cast. So cozy!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
You know where I will be, Enjoying my Porch!


  1. I just love that porch. No wonder you spend so much time out there!

  2. Heide,

    You have done a beautiful job!! Everything looks so fresh and summery. I love the photos of Kerri. : )


  3. Oh My! Your porch is stunning! It should be in a magazine! It's hard to believe the before and after photos. Lots of work, I'm sure, but so worth it.

    1. Very very much worth it! I just wish I had a bit more time to sit and enjoy it, Lol! But is on to the next project!

  4. So worked very hard but wow did it pay off! Does the sun shine in there enough during the day to power the solar lights or do you have to set them outside during the day?

  5. I am in love with your porch. You are a marvel. Love the white and dark blue, the darling lanterns, and of course Kerri!! What a spectacular and fun room, Heide! I'm pinning this project.

  6. I love it. I got goofed up and missed this post. I am so glad I looked again after commenting on the Front Porch Before posting.
    Great job!