Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bedroom Refresh

Isn't it funny how you can change one thing and suddenly a room feels totally different? This little table is the star of my recent bedroom refresh.

All I did was move the bedside table from the back corner to the other side of the bed. And suddenly, the room is cozier, more interesting and more spacious!

Now the lovely characteristics of the little table can shine!
And the room is extra cozy at night with the light in the middle of the room now.

A present from my sister Becky, this little pot has always had a place on the bedside table. Now you can really notice the details.

The table was another antique find years ago. It actually is a sewing cabinet with the top lifting up to reveal a spool rack. The drawers hold all those random bit and bobs that can accumulate on a bedside table. I love having everything handy, but still able to keep the table top tidy.

The other change I made was to flip my bedspread around, the back is now up and the top down. The top was getting so warn and holey, but I am not ready to give up on it yet!

 I also switched out the pillow shams as the they didn't really match the quilt anymore. In their place I have crisp white vintage pillowcases. That just happen to have my monogram!

I love the lacy edging! I suspect it is handmade.

A lovely view reflected back. 
Because the table made the doorway to the sewing room seem a bit crowded, I moved the dressing table stool to the bottom of the bed, which opens up the area nicely.

The stool is where I perch my extra pillows at night, so it works perfectly.

I love the new "refreshed" look! With a small bedroom there isn't too many ways to place the furniture, so it was nice to be able to move something, even if it was just the bedside table.....


  1. Heide, your bedroom is so very cozy, it makes me just want to climb up on that bed and take a nap! What a sweet little night stand...oh so vintage :)

    1. I love that little bedside table, the perfect piece. And it matches so well with my furniture set!
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. How fun to change things around and feel like it's all new! It looks great.

    1. Thank you! I wasn't expecting such a transformation!

  3. This is all so beautiful and fresh looking, Heide! As we're cleaning out the cousin's house, I've come across lots of vintage linens. Some is stained from the chest they're in (actually, several of those), but the handwork on them is just amazing. People don't put that kind of work into a pillowcase or sheet these days. They're a real treasure, like yours are. Lovely!

  4. Oh your room looks so lovely! I love how it reflects you perfectly!