Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fresh Soap

 As much as I love pretty soap and lovely scents, my skin just can't handle it. But a basic square of white cleanliness with no dyes, no perfumes, no smells (Except a clean soap smell!) makes my skin happy! 

A basic olive oil soap with a tad of coconut oil for extra sudsy-ness. Made by Mom and I on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Two mad scientist at work: mixing and measuring, stirring, checking for the right signs, ohh and ahhing as each step is noted, excitedly peeking on it's progress. And the final happy unveiling of 14 luscious bar of soap!

 In the picture above the oils have been melted, added together with the lye and blended with a stick blender. Now it is ready to pour into our "mold". 

Since we made a smaller batch, we used a loaf pan lined in plastic wrap. It set up for 24 hours before cutting and has been curing for 3 weeks before using.

Using the soap calculator from The Sage (a great resource for master soap makers or beginners!) we created this recipe. And I think is is a winner!

Simple Soap
16 oz. olive oil
4 oz. coconut oil
1 oz. castor oil
8 oz. distilled water
2.8 oz lye

If you like handmade soap, but don't want to get into the actually making, you can purchase bars from my Aunt at Songbird Soaps or from a friend at Soaps 'n Such


  1. Your homemade soap looks lovely! I made homemade soap a few years back, and then lost interest, as I found it difficult to perfect a recipe. But this winter Adam began making soap using all of the supplies I had collected. He is making Bay Rum soap and is very please with it. : ) Thank you for including a link to the soap calculator! That would be very handy.

    1. The soap calculator makes customizing the recipe so easy! It is so fun to play around with the different oils and combinations.
      Unfortunately, it lasts awhile and after a couple of batches one is stocked up for the year! But is makes nice gifts!

  2. Thanks for sharing where I can purchase it. I enjoy pure soap!

    1. You are welcome! The ladies do a great job and there are so many options. Even the plain sort!

  3. Hi Heide,
    I love Judy's soap at Soap -n- Such. Your soap turned out nice. What a fun project. :-)