Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Its Apple Blossom time!

 So exciting to see the apple tree in bloom again! It is such an anticipated time of year and comes and goes to quick. I try to appreciate to the maximum! 

 I know not everyone is in love with fruit trees and blossoms as I am, so I won't share all 97 photos I took (It is true, there are 97 photos!), just my favorites. 

The sky was so blue the day I took these. Beautiful!

  Sometimes between trying to hold the camera still while at an odd angel and the slight breeze that is usually present, I come out with some interesting pictures.

 The apple tree is still such a little twig of a thing, but it is going strong!

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  1. I miss that about living in Michigan! My former inlaws had an apple orchard. The clover bloomed at the same time and it was lovely walking the orchards.