Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring Sewing

Every year when the sun is here a bit longer, the grass is green again and there is a bit of warmth in the wind, I suddenly get in a sewing frenzy. Light weight tops are needed, flowing dresses and fun skirts are calling my name!
But one can only wear so many dresses or skirt in these climes, so I have turned my focus on top and blouses. The are much more adaptable, can be layered with jeans and sweater (usually with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath!) or when summer finally comes a light cardigan and cropped pants.
So this year, when the spring sewing frenzy hit, I grabbed my favorite Sorbetto Top pattern and whipped up a few. I have also added Akita from Seamwork to the favorite list. It is another quick project with just one pattern piece and all in one sleeves.

For this Sorbetto top, I drew inspiration from a favorite store bought top and added a short button placket. The fabric is a beautiful cotton lawn that matched tiny vintage buttons I had in my stash! 

What spring projects are working on? Does the warmer weather motivate you?


  1. I love your buttons! The close up really shows them off! I am getting close to having things situated so I can sew. We might have to have a sewing camp over face time this summer!

  2. The fabrics you have chosen are beautiful! I just love the raspberry color!

  3. I loved the neat button placket. I printed off the sorbetto pattern, but I have never tried it.