Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Sure Sign of Spring......

Every year since moving into the cottage, we eagerly await a bit of warmth and and sun to give the front porch a good cleaning and get it ready for the summer. This past weekend we had both sun and warmth for the entire weekend! It was heavenly! 

 So Saturday morning we got to it and pulled the whole porch apart. Pillow and cushion covers came off and went in the wash, furniture moved and floors scrubbed, windows and window sills washed down, and wicker and chairs wiped down. Not a speck of dirt left anywhere!

 Now we are ready for summer! So clean and sparkly. Don't you love that fresh and clean feel?

It is so nice to relax on the wicker furniture and know the cushions are clean and fresh. I am so glad I went through the trouble of putting zippers in all the pillows and cushions. (It is amazing how dusty everything gets over the winter!) And they have held up beautifully! 

 It was lovely to be able to bask in the evening sun Saturday...... To know it was a job well done......
And to dream of the summer evenings to come.........

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  1. I wish I had a house with a front porch.. The pillows looks lovely. I lobe everything with blues.. Yellow too. With love Janjce