Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Daffodils and a Vintage Figurine Vase

At last we have daffodils! I have been waiting so long to use this lovely vase. The minute I brought it home this winter I was dreaming of how beautiful daffodils would look in it. 

They are as pretty as I was imagining!

 Isn't that a sweet face? I fell in love with her the moment I spotted her at an estate sale sitting there surrounded by kitchen clutter. And of course how could I not bring her home when the price tag was a dollar.....plus half off!!

I did a little research and I think she might have been made by the Weil Ware Pottery Co., though there isn't any markings or labels. Don't you think she looks very 1940's? 
(I think she needs a name. Does she look like a Helen?)

 The reason her price tag was so low is she has been glued back together again and there is quite a bit of crazing. But that doesn't matter to me! (She still holds water for the flowers!)

Happy Spring!


  1. Such a lovely find!! She looks perfect with daffodils.

  2. She fits in quite perfect in your lovely, vintage home!

    1. Thank you Debby! Looking forward to putting another batch of flowers in her!

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  4. She is just beautiful. I have several that I collected.. I love her colors... W/ love janice