Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sewing Room Chair

This was a post I was going to put up last weekend, but didn't get to. So before we move into Christmas too far, one last look at the upstairs!
I think the refurbished sewing closet chair is my favorite piece in the room. I love all the little details!
I wasn't really looking for a caned chair, but I had admired them on Pinterest and Houzz. So when I came across this diamond in the rough on the curb one garbage day, I knew right away it could be beautiful.


  1. Dear Heide, I just love when finding the perfect items happen, especially if one get's a good deal on the item... you have done a wonderful job with your chair, It looks so beautiful. On a different note, I also like your colorful bin containers they add a very nice touch to your sewing room, where did you buy them?


  2. Gorgeous! Did you find it like that or did you "gussie it up"? Did you put the wheels on? I like wheels!