Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Heard the Bells (Front Porch)

 Would you like to see my porch all ready for Christmas? At first, I was going to keep things simple and just add a little greenery to the table next to the door. But.......
 Once we started, it just seemed to happen! Sometimes the table can be hard to work with. I wanted a bit of Christmas to greet visitors at the door, but I didn't want to spend too much time or expense on it.
 Frosty was a curb side find several years ago. Kind of a large decoration to store, but we love how cheerful and vintage he is!
The Merry Christmas sign, bottle brush trees and crate we had and the present and cards were quick projects. 

 The crate is a soda bottle holder my brother made. You may have spotted it in my sewing room with my milk bottle collection. It is perfect for holding a bit of greenery, all it needed was a cheery ribbon!
I am smitten with vintage Christmas cards this year! These I printed from the internet and stuck on card stock so I wouldn't have to worry about real vintage ones getting ruined by the weather. (You can see more of my favorite cards and find these on my Christmas Pinterest board.)
 I was thinking of making a wooden sign for the table, but it changed into a present somewhere along the way. I love how it turned out! The "wrapping" is vintage looking fabric from the fabric store I couldn't resist. It reminded me of vintage wrapping paper, which made me decide to wrap it around a thin piece of plywood to make a "gift". 
 The candles we found this summer at a rummage sale. We ended up with six because the price was so good! 
 I wasn't really planning on making christmasy pillow covers for the porch. But once I saw all the wonderful fabrics at the store I just couldn't resist! Even though it is too cold to sit on the porch right now, I still enjoy looking at them through the window and it is so cozy to see the porch all decked out when we come home.
For some reason I have really been into bells this year. I hadn't remembered we bought these last year until we unpacked the decorations. Don't they look vintage?

 I didn't really have a plan for this little table. I moved the bowl of pine cones from the table by the door and put the red bird on top, Mom propped the sign on the window sill and Mandy added greenery. Perfect! 

 My burlap and poinsettia wreath is again making an appearance on the front door. For this year I added more poinsettia all the way around it. I love how you can now see it from the sidewalk. 

And Harry Belefonte singing "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". Love him singing this song.


  1. Heide,
    Your front porch looks wonderful! The Christmas decorations are so pretty and perfect, and the wicker ensemble along with other porch furniture looks so inviting. From here on when ever I hear the word "front porch" I am going to think about your front porch.


    1. Thanks Jacqueline! We enjoy our front porch so much. I must say I am having more fun decorating it them I thought!

  2. Your Christmas decor is beautiful! I am sure guests are delighted when they first step into your porch. Everything looks so festive and inviting!

  3. Heide, you have the most inviting front porch! Love that door, the crate of greenery, and just about everything about your porch. It is decorated so cheery and pretty! Frosty looks happy in his 'forever home.' LOL I also like that I can see your stairway through those great windows! So cozy. Love it.

  4. Very welcoming as guest come I to your home. Your front porch reminds me of my nieces house in Ohio. A great sun room. Good vintage snowman and candles, the old decorations are the best, wish I had some.

  5. I love it! It so vintage and Christmassy! You always do just enough and not too much...I need to learn from you! LOL!