Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Poppa Santa Claus (Book Nook)

Time to head upstairs for the tour! First stop, the piano window on the stairs, where we hung more ornaments.

This years theme in the book nook is Vintage Christmas Cards. I guess I am starting a collection! A few were gifts last year, a few from the year before, some I found in an antique store this fall.

And these little cuties are actually Christmas seals. They have old fashioned lick-and-stick on the back. These were used before cellophane tape was widely available to seal packages and cards. 

 My favorite seal. Since the theme seemed to be cards, I thought it would an easy and great way to display them by making the seals into mini cards.
 This card is one of the newest finds. Love the bells!


  1. I remember when there wasn't scotch tape...OMG am I really that old? Yep, I just checked my driver's license. I love the cards and the ornaments hanging in the window. I am so vintage too....it brings back my childhood memories. I've been listening to the dish network audio channel that is traditional Christmas music and most of it is the old songs and singers. I have it on all day and just love it! It really puts you in the Christmas mood. Merry Christmas!

  2. Your house looks perfect and ready for Christmas. Today at CVS I saw vintage reproduction bells like on the card above and that you posted earlier in the week. Thought you might be interested. Merry Christmas to you Heide and to your family. Hugs, BettyLou

  3. I just came across your blog from thecountryfarmhome. I love this idea of using the vintage stickers on cardstock. I have a few of those type of stickers also and was wondering how to preserve them. I just "pinned" this, thank you so much.

  4. oh boy your blog just gets better and better; i too love vintage ornaments and Christmas post cards. I use vintage flower spikes to display my vintage Christmas post cards upright. Those things weigh a tonne and look fabulously vintage.