Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Holiday (Front Entry)

For a little Christmas cheer (and to carry on my theme!) I found these vintage bells to hang on the front entry mirror. They are plastic and very kitschy looking, but  for some reason I fell in love with them!

 I also found on that same trip to the antique store, this little Christmas card. Isn't the little Santa on skies adorable? It is printed on very heavy textured paper and to me looks like it is from the 20s.

Andy Williams singing a rousing "Christmas Holiday".


  1. Very nice and practical entry!


    1. Thanks! It is the perfect size, I think. Not too big that is gets cluttered and not to small that there can't be more then one person there at the same time. We get a lot of traffic through there as it is the main entry, so it has to be pretty no-frill.

  2. You have everything needed in that entryway and cuteness too!