Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Time's a Comin' (Mandy's Room)

Before we take a hike upstairs to see what Christmay-ness is up there, there is another room that is decked out this year, the front bedroom downstairs, my sister Mandy's room.
One of her favorite colors is red which lends itself nicely to Christmas decorating.

 When we were getting out the decorations, Mandy had this brilliant idea to display her straw ornament collection. She happened to have an empty frame as we are still working on hanging pictures on her walls.
Do you see the garland across the left wall? That is her knitted advent garland.

 They are the cutest things!

Beaded snowflakes in the windows.

 The ceramic tree we have had since we have been girls. Many a December night we would lay in our beds watching it glow waiting for Christmas to arrive.

 Mandy's snow globe collection.


  1. Awww, how beautiful! pure inspiration.....


  2. Love how Mandy did the straw ornaments. Did you see my post about my ceramic tree in the window? My Aunt made mine year ago...probably about the same time! LOL! I love the knitted advent there a pattern on Ravelry? Love it! I'm not sure which is worse...Ravelry or Pinterest for saving things I want to do. All your Christmas decorations are lovely!