Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1930's Apron

I was looking through my file of ideas and discovered I haven't shared any pictures of my collection of aprons. Here is one of my favorites.
 My sister picked this up in an antique shop for me. The higher waist, the way the shirt is shaped and that cute pocket, all shout 1930s to me.
 Pocket detail. I love the shape of it!
 An "H" style back. The ties are a bit short, but I like how they are bound with bias tape and how the ends are rounded. I think it was homemade as there is no tag and the ties are pieced together.

Of course this was too cute of an apron, it needed to live on. So I took a pattern from it and made another in cherry fabric. Love those cherries!
 This summer, hopfully, I will have patterns for this apron for sale. I will keep you updated!


  1. Thank you for posting the apron! And thank you for making a pattern of it for me, I still haven't found the right fabric. What would Dale Hathaway wear?

  2. Do you have this pattern for sale yet? If so how much?