Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ginger Rogers

While browsing around for more apron ideas, I can across this marvelous pattern from the 1930s. Isn't that neat the apron buttons on the dress? I love it. You just have to make sure you always wear buttons!
I have seen a few other patterns that have the button on aprons, all from the 30s. But they are not very common.
Hollywood patterns were based on the fact that everyone likes to dress like their favorite actress. You can find just just about every well known actress on the front of them, and some unknown actresses.
Ginger Rogers was a wonderful actress, she had such sparkle! I love the movies she did with Fred Astaire. They were such an elegant couple.
Here is a clip from "Shall We Dance". One of my favorites of the Fred/Ginger musicals. I love Ginger's clothes, isn't her dress smashing?  

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  1. Oh you are bringing in all the right vintage touches!!! Doris yesterday...Ginger Rogers today... And I do love the 30's, so when are you making me an apron like that and sewing buttons on all my clothes?