Friday, May 13, 2011

Music to Sew By

Last weekend I did a bunch of sewing. (Hopefully I will have pictures up next week! ) My sister and I love to listen to music when we do projects. And we love music from the 1950's. Here are a few of my favorites.

Melodie D'Amour by The Ames Brothers.
One of our favorite singing groups! Love their voices.

This one I have just discovered. So sweet!
It is so true of any relationship, little things do matter a lot.

And of course Doris Day! We have been huge fans of her since we have been little.
This song is on a record we bought at an estate sale.

Of course, there are a whole bunch more I can tell you about! But these are my current favorites. I have been in a 50's mood. In case you would like to hear some more 50's music here is a link to online radio, go to Forever Fifties.


  1. YOU have absolutely made my day! I need to hear Doris singing about the sun. The song abotu the little things cracked me up with the old ads,I lovethe crazy looking girl with the vacuum cleaner. I'm SO glad you posted those, maybe you should have a weekly posting of your inspirational music?

  2. Hmmm.... That is an idea. There are lots of songs!
    Yes, I couldn't talk about music with out Doris :)