Friday, May 6, 2011

The Well Equipped Cook

Here is a collection of cookbook covers I am adding to my apron website. A good cookbook, a cute apron, how can you not turn out a delicious meal?
 Abt. 1909 I really like the pointed apron skirt.
 1922 Still looking very much like the last decade. Isn't the trim cute?
 Classic late 1920's!
 Early 1930s, love the floral.
 I loved the side veiw. abt 1919 Looks like the apron is dotted!
1906 Such detail on this one. Those shoulder straps are quite something!

I just love the illistrations. The ladies are too cute. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have! Pictures are from

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  1. LOve the 55 ways to save eggs, people don't think of that sort of thing now.
    I didn't realize you had such an adorable collection, I also love the title about the enterprising housewife. Such a different world then, wives and houses went together and it was so fulfilling!!