Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tulip Time in the Netherlands

Gorgeous! Wouldn't you love to visit in May?

 I was sent these pictures in an email forward. I don't even know who to give credit to.


  1. Amazing! Yes, I would love to visit. My husband's family is Dutch. Our last name is is spelled with lower case teP in the Netherlands. He still has cousins that live in the Netherlands. Some day we hope to visit.
    Great Blog!

  2. Aren't those gorgeous! How I would love to visit the Netherlands and see the tulip fields - and to see the lavender fields in England!

  3. Carla, How wonderful! I think it would be an interesting place to visit. Have you ever read Betty Neels? She was an English nurse who married a Dutch doctor. When she retired she wrote romances about doctors and nurses in England and Holland. You get quite a sense of the Netherlands geography just reading her book!

    Judy, I think lavender fields would be heavenly to see!! (Lavender is one of my favorite smells, so good for headaches too) Are they in the south of England? There are some in Fredricksburg, TX too. Never got to see those though.