Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Elf on the Shelf

Aren't they the cutest? We have a small collection of elves that pop up in a different place each year. This year they seemed to find the kitchen the comfiest!

I think it was in November that I decided to finally move my milk bottles (they were still upstairs in Mandy's room!). So most of the kitchen shelves also got rearranged! For what better place for milk bottles then in the kitchen! 

 My milk bottle collection started with finding a couple at our local antique shops and then finding a few in Ohio when we would go to visit our grandpa. This one Mandy brought home from Vermont when she visited our aunt. I was trying to collect a bottle from each state/town I had been. It is really hard to find milk bottles in Texas though...…

 This little elfin always hung on our tree growing up, she is my Mom's.

 This bottle was the one that really started my collection. I found it in my Grandpa's garage in Ohio. Love the name of the dairy! The strawberry sugar pot is also a memento from my Grandma. She collected strawberries.

 I made sure I put this bottle on the lowest shelf at eye level. It always makes me laugh! 

 The larger milk bottles I put up on the shelves over the stove. With a few Shiny Brights and an elf tucked in among the glassware it is quite festive!

This week is looking like it will be a lot calmer than last week. Most of the presents are finished and packages shipped. Now I am contemplating baking another batch of ginger snaps! They are so fun to make and eat!


  1. Cute decorations! I spy a "bubble" night light! I have one of those old plastic ivory colored 3 socket chandelier that I am using for my bubble lights, they're so fun to just watch!

    1. How fun! They are so fun to watch. This one is a new one, but it is still fun!