Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Upstairs

Mandy has had her room decorated since the beginning of November. She said she was in the Christmas mood early! We have had so much fun decorating our "new" spaces this year.

This little wooden cut out nativity was from JoAnn Fabrics. A new addition to Mandy's collection and so cute!

A couple of years ago Mandy knit an advent calendar. The ornaments are so cute and little!

A sneak peak at Mandy's room! Such a cozy room. One of my favorites are the little straw ornaments in the frame.

Even the closet got a little Christmas! As you can see, these are now plant shelves.

Mandy has a lovely snow globe collection and now she has more room to spread them around!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will be back with my room decked out!


  1. Mandy does have a cute and cozy room! I have a ceramic tree that my Aunt made but I can't find the light bulbs that go in the holes! Drat! I usually have it in my front window every year but alas....not this year. I love all your decorations. I have too many. I wish you lived next door as I would give you some! LOL! Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh no! That is always frustrating. I wonder if you can get replacements.... I seem to recall seeing them somewhere!