Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Around the House

 How did the time fly by so fast?!? How can it possible be two weeks until Christmas?? 
One of the reasons I love Christmas is it is a good reason to get creative. And the creativity has been flowing! There is just not enough time to get it all done! Lol! The house is a mess; Stacks of decorations being made, boxes waiting to be filled and mailed, gifts to sew, cookies to package..... 
I don't know if I will get around to posting more decoration, but I am going to try! So for now, here is what we are up to.

 Saturday and Sunday we made lots of messes in the kitchen. Some were fails (English toffee is not working for us this year!) and some successful. Here I am mixing up my famous Ginger Snaps! Recipe HERE.

 We had every square inch of the kitchen covered!

I had so much fun dusting these Chocolate Cookies with powder sugar! I used cake stencils to make the fancy design. We also made Hot Cocoa cookies and attempted peppermint patties.....

 I can't wait to show you the re-arranging of the kitchen shelves we did! Perfect for a little elf!

 We just got our tree up on Monday, which is a little late for us. It is a big one this year! But we still didn't manage to get all our Shiny Brites up!

 I can never resist taking pictures of a few of my favorites. We love them all!

Merry Christmas Friends! I hope your holiday season is smoother them mine!


  1. I have found a blog I'm in love with! Ilove all things apron vintage, etc. I'll have to attempt making me some aprons! My mother in law makes her own house dresses! Love your blog!

    1. Welcome! I am so glad you are enjoying my blog! I haven't posted about aprons in awhile, but I still love them and pick up any I find. You have just inspired me to post my newest find which also happens to be a Christmas apron!

  2. I just rediscovered the Ames brothers also! Love your "Shiny Brites"!

    1. The Ames Brothers have been one of my favorites for years! I think we discovered them on a special "I Love Lucy" episode. They had sung the theme song for one of Lucy and Desi's movies. Shiny Brites are one of the best things about Christmas!

  3. I grew up with the blue silent night bulbs. Oh my, this just made my heart melt to see them on your tree.
    xx oo