Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Knitted Tights

With all of the frigid weather this year, I have been knitting like crazy! And my favorite knitting project so far are my Tights! 
Yes, I knitted tights. And they were so worth it! It actually didn't take me very long to knit, about three weeks, but I had extra motivation, the weather forecast!
The pattern is Mel Clark's Tangerine Tights from Knitting Everyday Finery.
I love wearing them! So cozy and comfy with no pinching like spandex tights. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock, a very soft wool/nylon blend. I had three skeins in my stash and I used just about every inch.
 The tights are knit in a knit two, purl two ribbing at the foot and up the calf, then it changes to a knit three, purl three ribbing after increasing for the thigh. I added short row shaping for more room in the seat. The waist is simply turned over and sewn down with elastic run through. My ravlery page is here.
The nice thing about the pattern is you can try the tights on as you go as they are knit from the toe up. I knit most of the pantie up before trying on and realized I had accidentally put all the short row shaping in the front instead of the back! Opps! 

I hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. Love it! They are so cute. I am going to ask my sister to make these for me. I am a beginner knitter, but I hope to get this good someday. :-)

  2. No kidding. You knitted these????!!! They're gorgeous. This is definitely a winter for tights. You're amazing.

  3. Oh they are so pretty! I love that the blue will go with all your pinks!

  4. Well, I am impressed! Sure could use a pair here today! 10 degrees the high. sigh